7 tips to help you stay alert all day without much sleep (as seen on Today.com)

Chicago weight loss and health coach, Stephanie Mansour, shares tips from top health and wellness experts on how to stay awake and alert all day when you haven’t had adequate sleep.  

how to stay alert with little sleep

When your energy levels are low, you don’t perform at your best or look your best. You may find yourself dragging through the day, your work slipping, your motivation lagging, your relationships becoming strained, and your overall happiness affected — not to mention, it makes losing weight and reaching your health and fitness goals more difficult.

As women with hectic schedules and a mountain of responsibilities, sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to get adequate sleep. A few days per week, you may be working on only a few hours of sleep. And while skipping sleep is never recommended, we’re not always going to get the rest we need, no matter how much we prioritize self-care.

So when you sometimes find yourself with heavy eyes, dragging through the day, wondering how you’re going to make it through your to-do list, I know you can use some advice on how to stay alert.

In a recent Today Show article, I shared 7 strategies you can implement today to get by on minimal sleep. Plus, you’ll get to watch my One-Minute Meditations for Peace of Mind (click here).

steph one-minute meditations for peace of mind

As a health coach and weight loss coach for women, my private weight loss coaching clients often ask me how they can boost their energy without resorting to calorie-packed sugary snacks or dehydrating caffeine.

In this article, I share advice from sleep expert, Dr. Christopher Colwell, Reiki practitioner, Erica Joy Dunn,  New York personal trainer, James Shapiro, physician and preventative health care expert, Dr. Yael Varnado, registered dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner, certified Pilates instructor, Alessa Caridi, New York City cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. David A. Greuner,  and functional medicine specialist, Dr. Darshan Shah.

Their tips on how to stay awake and alert all day when you haven’t had much sleep include:

  • Skipping the lure of the snooze button to get up on your normal schedule
  • Moving to rev up your physical and mental motors
  • Taking a cold shower
  • Eating a hearty breakfast
  • Staying hydrated
  • Taking a moment to stretch
  • Adding energy-supporting supplements

Read the Today.com article here.

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