7 ways to trick yourself into working out when it’s the last thing you want to do

how to trick yourself into working out

Do you ever feel like skipping your workout? Of course you do! Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts want to skip their workout some days.

It’s perfectly normal and it’s okay to let yourself off the hook occasionally. But, as a weight loss coach for women, I often find myself advising private weight loss coaching clients on how to stop skipping their workouts and start skipping their excuses instead.

When you don’t feel like working out and exercise is the last thing on your mind, sometimes it helps to trick yourself into getting off your butt to get moving. If you’re serious about reaching your goals and you’re tired of giving up on yourself, I encourage you to do what it takes to find the inspiration and perseverance you need.

From years of experience helping women get fit and lose weight, I can tell you that no matter how resistant you feel at first, once you get to the gym, press play on your workout DVD, or lace up your running shoes and step outside, your mood will shift and you’ll want to stick with it.

But I also understand that sometimes it’s not that easy. Sometimes life starts to get in the way — the work projects are piling up as high as the dishes and your to-do list is a mile long. So when your coach tells you to jump on the treadmill and knock out a mile, you may want to tell her to hit the road. I hear you and I’ve heard it all before. And so have my fellow health and fitness coaches.

For one of my latest Today.com articles, I reached out to a few of my favorite trainers to ask for their input on how they motivate themselves and their clients to exercise when they don’t want to. Read their tips here.

Peter Cirolia, trainer and owner of Ballet Muscle in New York
Personal trainer and founder of Caliente Fitness in Los Angeles
Yoga instructor Claire Fountain, founder of Trill Yoga in New York City
Nikki Walter, a Bodybuilding.com team athlete and trainer in South Dakota
Boston-based personal trainer Jessica Diaz

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