Best Fitness Trackers As Featured on Today Show

Are you looking for the best fitness tracker for your needs? In Chicago especially, health and fitness outdoors can be tricky to track! Check out my article that features the best fitness trackers and how they’ll help with your fitness goals. As a Chicago weight loss coach for women, I’m always looking for the latest […]

A Bathroom Workout: How to Exercise While Brushing Your Teeth with TV Personality Jenny Milkowski

Join Chicago’s best health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour and Chicago TV Personality Jenny Milkowski as they demonstrate how to work out in the bathroom! Chicago’s women’s health expert Stephanie Mansour shows Chicago TV Personality Jenny how to do ab exercises while brushing your teeth. This is an easy way to get in some crunches […]

Best Produce to Help with Weightloss & Best Healthy Foods at Farmer’s Market

Are you having a hard time with weightloss? Are you looking for a weightloss coach or just some tips on how you can live healthier? Chicago’s best wellness coach Stephanie Mansour stopped by Fox Chicago to give tips on the best produce to help with weightloss that you can find at the Farmer’s Market this […]

Ballerina-Inspired Ab Exercises and Pilates Exercises with Jenny Milkowski

Join Chicago’s best health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour and Fox Chicago’s Jenny Milkowski as they demonstrate some of Steph’s favorite ab exercises to strengthen and tighten your midsection! These ballerina-inspired abdominal exercises can be modified for any level. These are Pilates exercises and can be done lying on the ground or on a yoga […]

Healthy Ways to Kick Off BBQ and Summer Party Season As Seen on WINK TV

After a holiday weekend, maybe you’re feeling a little bloated or off track. But soon, many weekends will be filled with summer parties and BBQs, so how can you keep your health and fitness in check? Our Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph is here with some great tips! […]

The Best Quad Stretch and How to Stretch Your Quads with Jenny Milkowski

Chicago’s best weightloss coach for women and best personal trainer for women, Stephanie Mansour, show’s Chicago’s Jenny Milkowski the best ways to stretch your quads! If you have tight hips, get muscle cramps, or just feel tight, try this beginner quad stretch first. If you’d like to feel more of a stretch, you can move […]

60 Second Meditations As Seen on The Today Show Online

Looking for a quick pick-me up? New to meditation and don’t know where to start? Certified Yoga Instructor Stephanie Mansour stopped by The Today Show to demonstrate six one-minute meditations that you can do anywhere, anytime! Check them out HERE! Basic Breathing Meditation Use this basic breathing meditation to start your day off on the […]

Spring Clean Your Gym Bag & Your Workout As Seen on ABC Chicago

Our Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour is here to show us gym bag essentials that are more natural and how to pack a healthier gym bag. She’s also telling us how to know when it’s time to get new running shoes, toss sports bras, and get new workout gear: GYM BAG ESSENTIALS: No more […]

How to Relieve Carpal Tunnel and Tendonitis with Jenny Milk

Jenny Milk and I are demonstrating great exercises to help reduce carpal tunnel symptoms and also tendonitis: Try these out next time your wrists or hands feel tight. This can also help with numbing or tingling you may be feeling in your fingers. If you sit at a desk a lot or work on the […]

Foods for Strong Nails and Shiny Hair As Seen on Fox Chicago

Chicago’s best wellness coach for women stopped by Fox Chicago to talk about the best foods for strong nails and the best foods for shiny hair! – What are some foods we need to eat for strong nails? Foods that contain protein, iron, calcium, and B12 – What are some foods we need to eat […]