Spring Clean Your Gym Bag & Your Workout As Seen on ABC Chicago

Our Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour is here to show us gym bag essentials that are more natural and how to pack a healthier gym bag. She’s also telling us how to know when it’s time to get new running shoes, toss sports bras, and get new workout gear:

No more sugary sports drinks filled with chemicals!
Instead, try WTRMLN WTR’s new BLNDS (blends) line. You can get this at Whole Foods, and it’s loaded with naturally occurring electrolytes making it a cleaner option than your regular sports drink. The cherry BLNDS is great because of the tart cherry benefit: “The Muscle Marathoner””: Tart cherry is proven to support muscle recovery and anti-inflammation.

It’s time to step it up when it comes to your deodorant, too! No more chemicals. PiperWai Natural deodorant is 100% natural made from natural ingredients and activated charcoal.

Who wants to pack a ton of make up in your gym bag? However, washing your face after a workout is essential, so here’s an easy way to re-do your make up. Try to BIY (blend it yourself) when it comes to your foundation and coverage! Clinique’s newest foundation is BIY – blend it yourself!
All their products are allergy tested and these BIY drops can be blended with ANY moisturizer – you can decide how much coverage you want by adding more or less drops. Also, on April 7th at the Macy’s in Oak Brook come see me for a complimentary “perfect match” with BIY pigment drops and confidence boosting tips with me from 1-7!

Next, how do we know when we need to get new running shoes? Every 3-6 months is a good timeline, depending on how much exercise you’re doing. If you feel like you’re starting to get sore or even injured in the lower half of your body, you may need new shoes. It’s important to have good supportive shoes because all of the pressure in high impact cardio gets pounded down through your feet.

Finally, it’s great to get new sports bras every 6-12 months. You can tell when it’s time because the cups may start to sag, or the band around the bottom may get looser!

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