Are you tired of trying diet after diet and trainer after trainer?

If you're looking for a long-term solution to weightloss, commitment to yourself, or just to feeling more positive about your body, you've come to the right place!

steph jumpstart

This program has literally given women their lives back. Part mental and part physical, the program addresses health, fitness, and weightloss from a completely holistic perspective.

“I’d like to express the freedom that I’ve received from you – from the bondage, oppression and depression that I kept having to deal with. For sure this is the missing link to all diets, exercising and health issues.  Learning to love yourself is the ‘Greatest Love of All!”
Debbie, Chicago IL

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“Weightloss is 100% mental.”
Marissa, Steph's client who lost 83 lbs in 12 weeks on a reality TV show

I couldn’t agree more. By following my program, Marissa was able to maintain her lifestyle while losing an average of 7 lbs per week.

Because of the success of Marissa and hundreds of other clients, I created this program to give you everything I give my private clients.

It’s not about a strict diet; It’s about freedom.
It’s not about a burdensome workout; It’s about ME time.
It’s not about looking good for a reunion; It’s about feeling good for a lifetime.

Wouldn’t you love to feel liberated from calorie counting, deprivation, and restriction…and feel empowered, in control, and in charge of your life and your body?

“I’m so excited to be a part of something “BIG” like this with other women seeking the same.  We don’t want to just lose weight anymore – we want our life back and better than we’ve ever experienced it before. ”
Program member

My 30 Day Jumpstart Program will give you exactly that: health and fitness on your own terms, with you in the driver’s seat and in control.

“I lost 13 lbs in the first 3 weeks of this program – and I didn’t even know it was a weightloss program! I just wanted to get my eating, exercise, and confidence on track. I’ve tried every diet under the sun and nothing has given me this type of sustainable mentality that I need to stay on track. Steph really gives you everything you need – her program just makes sense!”
Sheridan, British Columbia

This 30 day program is available as an instant download – you can get started in less than 60 seconds!

Here is everything that is included in this program:

  • My 30 Day Workbook full of mental exercises to boost confidence, overcome obstacles, and strengthen your commitment to yourself.

  • Workouts: Exact exercises, times, video tutorials.

    No more 60 minutes of cardio – YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME!

  • Food tips that work. I am not a nutritionist; these tips are basic food tips. One of my clients lost 11 lbs in 3 weeks by following one of them (without even working out!)

  • The exact training & coaching system I use with my private clients.

  • Videos: your 1 minute yoga routine, Pilates, and workout routines.

  • How to create your own mantra and positive affirmations. “I want to lose 10 lbs in 2 months” is not what your brain needs to hear. In fact, talking like this will sabotage your efforts.

  • MP3 recordings of positive affirmations for your workout playlist.

  • 5 recorded group coaching calls.

  • Private Facebook group for support and community.

  • A daily schedule to have structure in your day.

  • The exact amount of water that you should be drinking. If you don’t do this, you will NOT be able to lose fat quickly!

“Right from the start I could tell this would be much more than a diet or exercise plan. I love how Steph always focuses on the mental aspect of getting fit. I learned how to work out smarter, not longer! I really believe this program is getting me on track to living the healthier lifestyle I desire without feeling deprived or over worked.”
Heidi, Sioux City, IA
“I drank a six pack of Diet Coke everyday for 30 years – until I met Steph. Within one week, I was down to one soda a day. Within two weeks, I was down to 3 sodas a week! This is incredibly liberating: soda doesn’t control me anymore, and it never will again. And, the best part was that Steph didn’t tell me to stop – she helped me to decide on my own.”
Cheryl, Evanston IL
“Woke up and headed straight to the gym – is this really me? I can’t believe how excited I am to wake up and go. Steph, you totally changed my mindset around exercise and taking care of my body. I feel so energized, more productive, and make smarter eating decisions all day because I feel good about myself after my workouts!”
Jennifer, Newport Beach CA
When the mind leads, the body will follow.
“I was stuck at a plateau and knew that Steph is well equipped to help me break through – and boy did she ever!”
Eleanor, Chicago IL
“The program was so totally what I needed. At first I was really unsure..No real food plan?  I thought I needed to be told exactly what to eat, but this is great. I’m eating so many new veggies, great dinners with steak, and I’m still losing more than 1/2 lb almost every day!”
Program member
“I learned so much from the coaching calls. Thank you for your great energy Stephanie! I feel like a new person!! Thanks also to everyone in our group.”
Julie, Waukegan IL
“My biggest realizations from this program are that it’s all in my head, and I actually don’t hate going to the gym! I definitely recommend this program because IT WORKS. It’s definitely worth 3 times the price, too.”
Jeanne, New York

My private in-person clients invest almost $10,000 for a 3 month program to work with me.

My One-Day Intensive clients invest $1500 per day to work with me.

For only a $497 $197 investment, you can regain control of your body, your mind, and how you feel about yourself, starting right now.

Plus, for a limited time only, you’ll get these 2 great bonuses:

Exact leg, arm, and full body exercise routines you can print off and take to the gym today!
A daily success log to track not only what you’ve done, but how you feel!
“I used to dread running – in high school I barely completed a mile embarrassingly. After a few months of working with Steph, I lost 25lbs, love running, and regularly compete in races in Chicago.”
“I’m a better mom, wife, friend, colleague and attorney because of Stephanie. Not only has Steph significantly improved my physical appearance, she’s helped me change my whole mindset regarding nutrition, stress management, and self-confidence.”

If you’ve tried diets or training programs and felt like a failure, don’t give up. It’s not your fault!

No other program I’ve seen addresses the mental side of losing weight, getting in shape, and making yourself a priority.

If not now, when?

“I knew I was looking for something…little did I know I’d be Stepping It Up with Steph!”
Marissa, after losing 80+ lbs with Steph

How happy will YOU be when you reach your health & fitness goals?

Investment is $197 for a limited time.