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How to De-Bloat & Lose Weight in the Mid-Section As Seen on WINK TV

It’s a little more than 2 months into 2017, and your health & fitness goals may be a little off track. If you’re having a hard time losing some extra pounds in your mid-section, or are looking for ways to feel less bloated, we’ve got you covered.
Our Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph is here with some great tips!

First, stay hydrated. Drink half of your body weight (at least!) in ounces of water per day. I really like drinking coconut water because it’s extra hydrating. Try the Harmless Harvest brand at Whole Foods – there’s even a little bit of a nutty flavor to it, and they’re organic!

Next, pay attention to your gut health. Sometimes it’s just a matter of being too bloated OR not having gone to the bathroom in a few days. Make sure your gut is getting enough healthy bacteria, and that you’re taking a daily probiotic. There are even probiotics in liquid form that taste delicious! The Harmless Harvest drink comes in a few different flavors and almost tastes like you’re drinking an ice cream shake! The probiotics in here help reduce inflammation and help improve the immune system.
Finally, really make a connection between what you’re eating and how you feel. Does cheese make you bloated? Does wheat pasta make you feel like you have an expanded stomach? Pay attention to how you feel after eating certain foods, and then do an experiment and avoid them for a few days. See if you notice a difference!

If you want more tips on how you can lose weight and keep it off, make sure you join my FREE 21 day challenge at stepitupchallenge.com.