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The Double-Edge Sword of Compliments

Last weekend I was out celebrating my friend’s birthday, and all of a sudden two guys came over to our table. They said, “Step It Up with Steph! Is that you??” All of my friends turned to look at them. I wasn’t sure who they were, but they said that they had “known me before I became famous.” I started laughing and we started talking. Apparently they have been following my Facebook updates for a few years now, and they were amazed by “how far I had come.”

As you can imagine, I was a little bit shocked, pretty happy, and also very humbled. I was honored to have impacted them so much that they felt the need to say “hello”!

Without further ado, here we are all together:
Of course, I couldn’t help but give them a Step It Up with Steph tip while we were at the bar – make sure you drink a glass of water after that drink! 🙂

Back to compliments. Compliments can be double-edge swords. If you base your self-worth on compliments, i.e. if all I wanted were for people to come up to me and tell me, “Good job!” or praise me, we’d have a problem. Similarly, if I was unable to graciously accept a compliment and say, “Oh please, it was nothing, ” I am stealing the excitement from the compliment-giver.

I need to be a gracious compliment receiver in order to accept the gift of the compliment, and therefore make the compliment giver feel good about saying something nice.

On the other hand, if I based my self-worth on receiving compliments, I would never feel a sense of inner peace and inner-validation. Internal validation and motivation are much more long-lasting than external forces. While you may be motivated by words of praise after losing weight or becoming more in shape, eventually your motivation needs to come from inside in order for you to have a good sense of self worth and also have consistent motivation.

What do you think? You can leave a comment below and we can discuss!

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Skipping Workouts: Holiday Excuses, or Reasons?

Today’s post is inspired by a fab new book I am reading, “How Sweaty Mamas”. This book talks about anything and everything that may get in the way of moms working out (in fact, it’s very similar to my 30 Day Workbook in that it helps to get to the crux of the issue.)

We all KNOW that working out and being healthy are good things for us to do, and a lot of us even know how we could achieve our goals. But what’s lacking is the “motivation”…I put “motivation” in quotes because I don’t really believe we are lacking the motivation. Instead, what we are lacking is the personal value and priority we place on doing good things for ourselves – perhaps because we don’t like our bodies, or perhaps because we place children or events before ourselves. I really like this excerpt from the book, which talks about the difference between excuses and reasons:

As for good reasons to miss a workout, those are always clear and definitive; they are often out of your control and don’t require any convincing on your part. You have a fever; your child vomited in the back seat on the way to the gym; your boss asked you to stay late to finish a project. You might have access to a Plan B workout option, but if you don’t, no need to feel guilt. This is especially important for those who tend to err on the side of exercising at all costs; who don’t always recognize a good reason to skip a workout when they should.”

I always work to instill in my clients the difference between being “too tired” and being “too lazy/full of excuses”. What do you think? And with the holidays coming up, can you foresee any good reasons or excuses for skipping workouts? Let me know in the comments below!

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Motivational Mondays: What Got You Moving This Wknd?!

So I did something crazy and strange this weekend…I went on a “Bar Run” with a serious running group and some friends. The run was 5 miles total, and after each mile you stop at a bar. It’s a planned and timed route, with over 50 people! At first I was very apprehensive about this: Is it safe to be drinking and running (NOT REALLY), and how taxing will this be on everyone’s body (30 degrees + most likely dehydrated of water and full of alcohol + exhausting muscles = bad combo). But, I decided to test it out even though (given the above apprehensions) I was a bit nervous.

Unfortunately I lost some footage, but here’s a brief recap of the run, which ended up being great! What got YOU moving this weekend, AND what is the craziest way you’ve worked out??