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Weight Loss Coach Tips: Ab Workout While Lounging At The Pool

poolside workout with weight loss coach stephanie mansourLearn how to get in a good workout poolside with Stephanie Mansour, weight loss coach for women.

Have you ever been in such intense pain that you didn’t know if you would every find relieve?

A little over 10 years ago, I thought that I was going to have to deal with back pain for the rest of my life. I was routinely on the floor, unable to move because I was in so much pain. The pain would shoot down my low back, into my butt, and then down the side of one of my legs. I saw a chiropractor weekly, tried massages, and kept exercising in the hopes that I’d get some relief.

I had sciatica, and it was miserable. It wasn’t until I discovered my core that I was able to find sustainable relief.

After taking a few Pilates classes, I started finding some relief that lasted more than a day or two. And, not only did the regimented 45 minute class help me, but I found myself able to engage my abs and core throughout my everyday life.

Today’s video may seem silly – can you really do ab exercises while relaxing at the pool?

The answer is YES, and on a serious note, I personally NEED to do ab exercises while I’m lounging in a chair. I have to keep my core in mind throughout the day in order to use the front of my body (abs) to take pressure off of the back of my body (where the low back pain starts).

As a weight loss coach, I encourage all of my clients to be mindful and self-aware.

One of my weight loss coaching clients was NOT seeing results with kickboxing in the way that she had in her 20s. So now, in her 50s, we needed to try something new. Yoga & Pilates worked for her instead!

She was so over-tired and stressed that the last thing she needed to be doing was an intense workout. Once we reduced the cortisol levels and got her body (and mind) to a more relaxed state, she was able to shed the pounds.

On the other hand, one of my private weight loss coaching clients responded best to spinning classes.

We figure these things out through a combination of my clients getting in tune and letting me know what they feel is best for themselves, and then my analysis and expertise in what they should be doing to lose weight on any given week, based on the eating plan and their activity level for that week.

As women, weight loss can be much more complex than it is for men. And, what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa.

The key is to integrating as much self-awareness and mindfulness as possible into your daily life so that you’re in tune and working WITH your body (a la ab exercises at the pool!) rather than against your body.


How to Help Your Mom Work Out on Mother’s Day

Does your mom enjoy working out, or do you wish she’d spend more time at the gym for her own health? Here are some fun workout tips for Mother’s Day:

-Invite your mom to a fitness class or just take her to the gym with you. Introduce her to the equipment, help her learn new moves, or even hire a personal trainer to give her a session or two.

-Buy your mom a workout DVD and follow along with her – working out together may remind her how working out can be fun!

-Buy your mom a cute workout top, then teach her workouts she can do at home in the comfort of her living room, such as yoga poses or Pilates moves.

-Hire an in-home yoga instructor to come see your mom and give her a completely customized and personal yoga class.

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