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Motivational Mondays: What Got You Moving This Wknd?!

So I did something crazy and strange this weekend…I went on a “Bar Run” with a serious running group and some friends. The run was 5 miles total, and after each mile you stop at a bar. It’s a planned and timed route, with over 50 people! At first I was very apprehensive about this: Is it safe to be drinking and running (NOT REALLY), and how taxing will this be on everyone’s body (30 degrees + most likely dehydrated of water and full of alcohol + exhausting muscles = bad combo). But, I decided to test it out even though (given the above apprehensions) I was a bit nervous.

Unfortunately I lost some footage, but here’s a brief recap of the run, which ended up being great! What got YOU moving this weekend, AND what is the craziest way you’ve worked out??