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Holiday Detox As Seen on WNEM TV 5

If you’re feeling weighed down from a big family gathering or a holiday party, we’ve got some easy ways that you can detox on today’s Step It Up with Steph!

First, no matter what type of detox you’re doing, it’s important to stay hydrated! I tell my clients to “Chug, Chug, Chug.”

I love this big bottle of Eternal water because I can track how much I’m drinking throughout the day. Drinking water is key, especially if you’re also drinking caffeine throughout the day.

Another way to detox is by drinking coconut water. Coconut water helps with fatigued muscles and has a unique flavor. My favorite is Harmless Harvest coconut water.

Remember to read the ingredients on the items that you’re looking into buying for a detox.

Do you ever eat salads and feel bloated? It could be because raw vegetables are more difficult for your body to digest. Therefore, try cooked vegetables paired with lean protein, like fish, chicken, or beans.

If you want more tips on how you can lose weight and keep it off, make sure you join my FREE 21 day challenge at stepitupchallenge.com.


The Double-Edge Sword of Compliments

Last weekend I was out celebrating my friend’s birthday, and all of a sudden two guys came over to our table. They said, “Step It Up with Steph! Is that you??” All of my friends turned to look at them. I wasn’t sure who they were, but they said that they had “known me before I became famous.” I started laughing and we started talking. Apparently they have been following my Facebook updates for a few years now, and they were amazed by “how far I had come.”

As you can imagine, I was a little bit shocked, pretty happy, and also very humbled. I was honored to have impacted them so much that they felt the need to say “hello”!

Without further ado, here we are all together:
Of course, I couldn’t help but give them a Step It Up with Steph tip while we were at the bar – make sure you drink a glass of water after that drink! 🙂

Back to compliments. Compliments can be double-edge swords. If you base your self-worth on compliments, i.e. if all I wanted were for people to come up to me and tell me, “Good job!” or praise me, we’d have a problem. Similarly, if I was unable to graciously accept a compliment and say, “Oh please, it was nothing, ” I am stealing the excitement from the compliment-giver.

I need to be a gracious compliment receiver in order to accept the gift of the compliment, and therefore make the compliment giver feel good about saying something nice.

On the other hand, if I based my self-worth on receiving compliments, I would never feel a sense of inner peace and inner-validation. Internal validation and motivation are much more long-lasting than external forces. While you may be motivated by words of praise after losing weight or becoming more in shape, eventually your motivation needs to come from inside in order for you to have a good sense of self worth and also have consistent motivation.

What do you think? You can leave a comment below and we can discuss!

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Quick Fat Blasting Tips

Change up your cardio.

– Look at your cardio workout in intervals: sprint as fast as you can for a minute, then back off but increase your incline. If you’re on the elliptical, increase resistance, then pick up the pace for a few minutes.

– If you are in love with the treadmill, instead of walking for a few minutes to warm up, try out the bike or another cardio machine for your warm up and to move your muscles differently. Muscles have memory and soon, they will be conditioned to your favorite form of cardio. Avoid this by making your muscles guess what’s coming next!

Change up your full body workout.

– Accustomed to doing cardio then weights, or vice versa? If you implement intervals into your cardio (see above), you can do one interval, lift some arm weights or do leg exercises, then jump back into cardio.

– Moving from one exercise to another not only keeps your body guessing, but it also ensures that you’re burning more calories by moving continuously, rather than busting it on cardio and taking your time doing weights.

Pull your abs in 24/7!

– You can literally workout ANYWHERE, ANYTIME with this fat blasting tip!

– Pull your belly button in towards your spine, act like you are squeezing into a tight pair of pants, and try to flatten your belly right below your belly button.

– Engage your core to gain stability, to feel tighter, and to look smaller along your waistline.

Cut back on dairy and gluten foods.

– A lot of people are lactose intolerant and don’t even know it! After eating dairy products, a lot of us feel bloated and even lethargic. Similarly, a lot of wheat products leave us feeling like our stomach is a balloon that uncontrollably expands!

– Try reducing or eliminating your dairy and gluten intake. Many carbs now say “gluten free” if they are, as well as dairy products.

– If you eat ice cream, there is ice cream made with coconut milk. If you love milk, try rice or soy milk. If you crave cheese, try eating a protein and vegetable snack, imagining how you feel after eating cheese. That may be enough to talk yourself out of wanting it!

Get your lifestyle on track by getting your head in gear. My 30 Day Workbook can get you started!

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The Five Easiest Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out

Let’s face it, many of us just don’t feel motivated to work out. There’s always something better that comes up, an event we’d rather go to, the fatigue that sets in after a long day at work, or the fact that we just don’t feel like it.

So, what should you do when you’re running low on motivation? Here are the FIVE easiest ways to get motivated to work out:

1. Make a checklist and make sure that you know your goals.

– Map out your goals and make a checklist so that you can track your progress.

– Are you aiming for 4 times per week? Then mark the days on your calendar the week prior and include your workout time as a concrete, planned part of your daily life.

2. Set realistic goals for yourself.

– Many times we fail at achieving our goals because they are unrealistic. Make sure you set realistic goals so that you can achieve them in a realistic way.

– For example, if you haven’t been to the gym in a year, it is unrealistic to commit to going five days a week for an hour.

– Instead, ease back in to working out so that it becomes a natural part of your life, instead of an “all or nothing” event.

3. Get a workout buddy or accountability partner.

– Motivate each other to stick to your goals and get off the couch, even though it would be much easier just to stay there.

– Knowing that someone else is counting on you for motivation is a sure way to stay on track, keep your word, and meet them at the gym.

– If you can’t find an actual workout buddy, get an accountability partner: a friend or someone who checks in to make sure you are staying on track with your fitness goals and workout times.

4. View working out as stress RELEASE, not a stressful part of your day.

– Try viewing going to the gym as a stress RELEASE. (You know how great you feel afterward.)

– Working out as been proven to release feel-good endorphins that leave you in a happier and more energetic mood afterward, regardless of how you felt before working out.

5. Grab a book or a magazine and go slower than usual.

– Physically not feeling like working out? Are you really tired or just worn out? Feel like you have a little bit left in you, but not enough for a “great” workout? Just because you can’t pump iron full force doesn’t mean you should skip your workout.

– Instead, grab a book or a magazine and head to the gym. Do some cardio, more slowly than usual, and start reading. You will get yourself into the habit of going to the gym, moving your body, and carving out that “me” time. Try not to judge your workout and just work with your body and how it’s feeling that day.

By making working out more fun and viewing it as a commitment to yourself, you will be more likely to not only hit the gym, but also make this a sustainable and maintainable part of your everyday life.

Need more of a motivational boost? Women everywhere use my 30 Day Workbook to Step It Up mentally. You can too.

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Steph and Marissa in The Fresh Diet Digest!

This month’s Fresh Diet Digest features Steph and Marissa talking about the role of changing your views on food and your mentality in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Marissa lost 83 lbs in 12 weeks by using The Fresh Diet and starting a rigorous exercise routine.  She credits making these changes with giving her more energy and recognizes that a healthy lifestyle is a “lifelong commitment.”

Steph’s holistic approach to weight loss was crucial in helping Marissa attain her goal.  She encourages all of her clients to view food as fuel, to improve their body image, and to create a weight loss mantra — all key elements of starting a sustainable wellness plan.

Check out the feature below for more about Marissa’s success and Steph’s helpful techniques!


Changing STARTS with you.  Having the right mindset is crucial.  The 30 Day Workbook helps get you where you need to be mentally, so you can improve your LIFE!

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How to Create a Weight Loss Mantra

One of my clients came to me because she made her New Year’s Resolutions list, including wanting to lose 10 lbs.  It was halfway through the year, and she was successful in all of her resolutions, except for weight loss. She was baffled. I asked her to read to me the resolutions that she had written out.  Some included: I will spend more time with my husband because I love him, I will get a raise at work because I am a good, hard worker, I will get seven hours of sleep most nights because I want to feel well rested. And this was what her weight loss resolution said: “I want to lose 10 lbs. because I hate my body.”

Obviously, this statement was in a totally different form than her resolutions that had already come true. According to her weight loss statement, the reason why she should lose weight was because she hated her body. Well, if you hate your body, why would you do anything good for yourself? How could you possibly do good things for your body to lose weight (i.e. exercising regularly, eating healthy, and taking care of your body), if you claim to hate your body?

Here are some guidelines for writing a successful weight loss mantra that have totally transformed my client’s life:

– Write down what your goal is.

– If you’ve written down a goal in a negative context, such as “lose weight, stop hating my body, avoid being seen in a bikini, etc.,” then turn this phrase into something positive.

– “I want to lose 10 lbs. because I hate my body” becomes: “I am healthy and fit because I love my body and want to take care of myself.”

– “I’m working out, so I can stop hating my body” becomes: “I work out because it makes me feel good about myself.”

– “I’m being healthy and fit because I don’t want to avoid being seen in my bikini” becomes: “I am healthy and fit because I love the way my clothes fit and look on me.”

By turning your goal into a positive one, and writing it as if it is currently happening, in the present, you are programming your subconscious to start acting like your goal is already happening in your life.

If you’re looking for more guidance, you can get into the right frame of mind, get healthy, and get fit with the help of my 30 Day Workbook!

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Holistic Weight Loss Without Counting Calories

The key to being fit, healthy and happy is to make it more about a lifestyle and a mindset rather than about some strict dietary or workout regimen, negative body talk, or depriving yourself of things you love.

View your choices as independent of one another.

-By viewing dietary and exercise choices as independent of one another, you are engaging your mind and body more fully in the present: what you ate or how you exercised in the past doesn’t matter. What you decide to do now, in the present, is the only thing that matters. (So Step It Up in the present!)

Eliminate self-induced guilt.

-What good does making yourself feel guilty do for your body, your mind, and your spirit?

-When you find yourself saying, “I feel so guilty,” or “I really should have worked out last night, what is wrong with me?” or “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just ate that whole plate of brownies when children in Africa are starving,” just PINCH yourself and snap yourself out of it. Making yourself feel guilty is absolutely not helping to create a healthy lifestyle – it’s actually detrimental to your mental health.

View your body as your complete self, not as a separate part of who you are.

-Some people call this a more “holistic” approach, others call it a “spiritual” approach – whatever you want to call it, viewing yourself as a complete mind and body being is by far the most powerful mindset for becoming healthy, happy, and fit.

-Think about it: If you view your physical body as a separate part of yourself, that means you can love it, hate it, feed it junk and expect it to not affect you, quit exercising, expect it to function, and use it as a mechanism over which to exert mental control.

-But, when you view your body and your mind as one, as a connected union, and as ONE person (YOU), then your view about your physical body changes. Why would you want to feed yourself Taco Bell everyday if it doesn’t make your physical body feel good? Why would you allow other commitments and people get in the way of your workout, of treating yourself with love (moving your body!) and self-respect (making time for yourself)?

Are weight loss and exercise a challenge for you?  Check out my workbook below.  Women everywhere use it as a guide for improving their lifestyle!

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How Marissa and Step It Up with Steph Have Inspired Others!

This is the final video from the wrap party celebrating Marissa’s accomplishment of losing 83 lbs in 12 weeks! Watch how friends, family, and others were inspired by Marissa’s incredible journey. Not only is her weight loss so inspirational, but her determination and no-nonsense mentality really kept her sticking with the program and ultimately led to her succeeding in what she set out to do:

What have YOU done since hearing about Marissa’s story? Leave a comment below and share!

If you’re struggling with changing your lifestyle, check out my workbook below. Women use it to successfully Step It Up mentally!

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WHY Do You Want to Lose Weight or Get In Shape?

Weight. It’s one of the biggest complaints in America. Women across the country openly and privately condemn themselves for their weight, wonder how they gained so much weight, and desperately try to lose weight. It’s an on-going struggle that for some, signifies a very dim light at the end of the tunnel.

Many women say they want to lose weight so that they can fit into a bridesmaid dress, a wedding dress, or because they are jealous of their size-2 girlfriends. Other women say they want to lose weight because they feel like they should, someone else is telling them they are overweight, or because their doctor said that they are outside of the “normal” weight range for their height. But all of these reasons are often still not enough to push women to implement a regular exercise routine, healthier eating habits, or improved self-care…

If you’re trying to lose weight to impress someone, what happens when that person is out of your life? If you’re trying to lose weight to look good in wedding pictures, what happens when the wedding is over? If you’re trying to lose weight to show your doctor that you’re healthy, what happens after that last check-up?

The bigger the reason WHY you want to lose weight, the easier it will be to lose weight. The bigger the WHY, the easier the HOW. Similarly, the more EMPOWERED you feel to achieve weight-loss, the more momentum and strength you will have in doing so.

Here are some quick questions you can ask yourself to get to the core of WHY you want to lose weight:

1. How will you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror after you’ve lost weight?
2. What will you see in the mirror after you’ve lost weight?
3. How will you feel empowered and inspired to make other positive changes in your life once you’ve lost weight?

Notice how none of these questions have to do with other people or anything outside of yourself. These questions force you to dig deep to discover WHY you want to lose weight…for yourself.

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