#1 Key to Success + More Harvard Pics!

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As promised, I’m sharing with you more pics from my visit with my littlest sister last weekend:

Can you believe that she’s 8 years younger than me?!

Today I’m talking about what I believe to be the #1 key to success. I shared this story with my sister, Christine, after we had almost magically been escorted into Fenway for the Red Sox baseball game, for free, about 15 rows up from 3rd base, with no tickets. Yes, you read that right:

How did this happen? After arriving well into the 2nd inning, we began scalping tickets. We got a guy to go down from $80 for 2 to $40 for 2, but I was only willing to pay $25 for two. (Cheap, I know, but I have done this before at similar games, and it works.) Amidst looking for tickets, a few people selling hats and shirts outside of the stadium invite us over. We start chatting, and the group tells one of the guys to do us a favor. Before we know it, we are being escorted through a souvenir shop and told to go find a seat.

Wait, what? We had no tickets, and walked into the game completely free. We then found seats 15 rows up from 3rd base and had a great time!

My sister asked, “Stephanie, HOW did we do this? How were you so confident? I was getting nervous that there wouldn’t be tickets!”

I explained to her the #1 key to success: Believing that you already have it. Knowing and feeling that you’ve already got what you want. Not having a plan B. For me, there was no other option – there was no way I wasn’t getting into the game.

Similarly, the next day I had no idea where my sister’s class was. But, I decided to find a way to surprise her outside of it. After asking some random people questions, I went on a hunt. I found her bike, and surprised her in her class.

Another example of this is when we weren’t on the “list” to get into an ultra exclusive “finals club” on campus. I’m not one to get turned away – I knew we’d get in, somehow. Sure enough, here we are:

What does all of this have to do with our everyday health & fitness, or our everyday happiness, or even our lifetime successes?

Our minds and our beliefs are SO powerful – what you think really is what you get. What you see, from your eyes, is what the world is. Your perception is your reality. The problem is not only understanding this, but also recognizing and then changing your thoughts and behaviors to align with what success means to you.

If you have no other option but to succeed, you will succeed. The question is, are you mentally ready? Let me know what you think about this by leaving a comment below.


Last call: 1 more space left in my 3 month Diamond Program! Fill out a client assessment form here ASAP if you’re interested!

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  1. so true! your mind is #1 to get through everything! sidenote: I'm noticing the way people are dressed at this harvard "finals club" party lol… guys in tank tops? really? that's something they do at michigan 😉 xoxo.

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