Monthly Archives: November 2015

Meditation w/ Bishop Gregory – My Uncle!

My uncle, Bishop Gregory, stopped by over the holidays! He’s teaching us how to MEDITATE! Regardless of your religion or spiritual beliefs, you can learn how to better center yourself and connect with a higher being or your deeper self. Set aside a couple of minutes today and follow along!

Christmas Present Abs!

Merry Christmas! Before you open all your presents, get in some Christmas present abs, like my dad and me! These are very similar to those Pumpkin Abs that were so popular at Halloween. So grab a present from the tree and follow along!

Pre-Flight Stretches @ the Airport!

Prior to boarding my plane from Chicago to Ft. Myers to visit my family in Naples, I decided to fulfill a (small) dream of mine: randomly approach a group of people waiting for the flight, and ask them to join me in some pre-flight stretches! Luckily I found a wonderful & willing family who was excited to stretch it out!

On Board the Plane: Healthy Snacks!

Eating healthy while traveling can sometimes be…near impossible! That’s why I’ve learned to pack some quick, healthy, and filling snacks that help me stay energized and treat my body well! Enjoy this on-board video showing you what I eat in flight, and my secret tip to staying cheaply hydrated!!

I'M Stepping It Up! Winter Jacket Shopping

How do YOU Step It Up and STAY WARM in the winter? As a Floridian and 2 year Californian, the first snowfall screamed to me: Steph, Step It Up and GET A WINTER JACKET! (I’m talking quietly so we don’t get our camera confiscated in the store.)

(Since the taping of this segment, I HAVE ordered a winter jacket online, and will definitely show it off once it arrives!)

Carpet Installation: What a Workout!

While I’m home under the weather, I’ve had the pleasure of learning about the carpet installation process! Watch a few moves that show how much exercise is really involved in carpet installation. My favorite move is at the beginning, but I think it’s pretty bad for the knees….