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How To Make Your Passion Special + Hanson

Last night I went to one of the most amazing Hanson concerts I’ve ever been to!

Not only do I love Hanson because I get to “relive” my younger years (yes, I was one of THOSE girls who had posters of them hanging in my room…), but Hanson also helps re-connect me to my passion. You see, when I’m in their presence, I’m both inspired by their passion and more deeply connected to my own sense of purpose. These young men started off as teenage teeny-boppers, writing their own lyrics, chords, and music, and following the sound of their own heart when they created music that was unlike anything at the time. Known as the “mmmbop” boys, they continued on, changing their music style and lyrics to whatever THEY wanted at the time, and allowed themselves to grow and let the music evolve.

Isn’t this how we should all be in our own lives? Playing to the beat of our own drum and allowing our tune to change if WE want it to, but not to conform to the demands of others?

I’m also a huge Hanson fan because two of their songs inspired me to start my aerobics TV show in college! After feeling like a lump on the log for not working out regularly freshman year, I began gaining weight. That summer, I started dancing around my house and doing aerobics to the Hanson song, “Get Up and Go.” When my dad even joined in on the aerobics, I knew I had something good! I proposed the idea of an aerobics TV show at the University of Michigan, and a month later I was producing my own show that became “Best New Show” of 2005.

After being a loyal fan for over a decade, last night I was finally able to meet one third of Hanson. Here I am with Zac and my friend Tanya:

So how about you? Is there anything or anyone that helps you more closely connect with your passion or purpose? Let’s discuss by leaving a comment below!

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Killer (6 minute) Butt Workout

Before starting the actual moves (there are only two!), you first need to play some upbeat music. This is essential to the success of this Killer Butt Workout! I recommend Top Hits or any upbeat music that you like – you will need two songs to complete this workout. 🙂

For the first song, your left foot will not move. Step forward with your right foot into a lunge, (as shown below – knee does NOT go past the ankle!)

Then push off your heal and come back to center.

Then step to the right with your right foot, bend the right knee, and push off your heal and come back to center.

Essentially, you are lunging to the front, back to center, then lunging to the side, back to center. Repeat this for the duration of the first song, to the beat of the music!

– Once the second song comes on, switch sides! Now your right foot will remain in place, and the left foot will lunge forward, back to center, then lunge to the left, back to center.

This workout sounds simple, but you’ll feel the burn when you’re 3 choruses in to each of the songs!

Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below – did anyone feel the burn like I did, for days?!

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Drinking Water in Style

Remember last week when we talked about how water helps you lose weight? Well today we’re talking about how you can drink more water and enjoy it! For extra motivation, check out one of my fabulous clients sporting her Step It Up with Steph waterbottle:

Such a fun bottle to drink out of!

(I’m having more of these produced, so if you want one, leave me a comment below!)

Here are some fun ways to add some style to your water and make it taste less…boring!

– Get a cute water bottle (or a colorful one) that makes you happy or motivated every time you look at it.

– Depending on the type of bottle or glass you’re drinking out of, drop a few raspberries, blueberries, or cut up a strawberry and plop it into your water. Shake it up and let it give the water some flavor.

– Make some flavored ice cubes by crushing up berries and adding them into your ice trays, OR just make ice trays out of apple juice or orange juice. Stick an ice cube into your glass and enjoy some natural flavoring.

– Buy small lemons or limes and bring them to work with you. Use a plastic knife and cut it up, then squeeze it into your bottle or glass the whole day. Just keep it next to your computer and re-squeeze everytime you fill up.

What’s your trick for drinking more water? Share your trick with others by leaving a comment below!

A Day In The Life of My Clients

Ever wonder what it’s like to work one on one with me? This video contains exclusive footage of a few of my clients and me during our sessions!

And recently, I helped one of my clients totally make over her fridge. We purchased, cooked, and organized all of her food. She’s on a healthy eating plan and can easily make a healthy meal or snack in 60 seconds or less.

Snacks: almond butter, turkey wraps, veggies, guacamole, fruit

Lunch & Dinner: chicken + veggies, steak + veggies, bean dishes + veggies, salads + protein

Grab 'n Go snacks: Kind bars, almonds + cranberries, almond butter (with an attached sticky note to bring an apple or celery sticks!)

(Clients featured are part of my Diamond Program or One Day Intensive.)



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How Water Helps with Weightloss

We’ve all heard about the importance of drinking enough H2O, but did you know that drinking water actually helps you lose weight, and if you do NOT drink enough water, you are causing your body to hold onto unhealthy fat? Yuck!

So how does water help you lose weight? And how much water should you be drinking everyday?

You should be drinking half of your body weight, in ounces. So if you weigh 150lbs, you should be drinking at least 75 oz. of water.

If you’re chronically dehydrated, research shows that you could have an up to 8lb weight gain each year! How so? Water increases your metabolism – Every time you break a sweat, signals are sent around your body telling it to increase its metabolism, telling it to free up energy from specific sources within your body. The signals won’t boost your metabolic processes very much, but they will boost it just enough so that if you were to break a bigger sweat, for a longer time, everyday of the week, then the difference will be much more noticeable.

This is why interval and circuit training while you are properly hydrated is so important – breaking into a sweat and turning it into an even bigger sweat will boost your metabolism, which helps you lose weight.

Therefore, your activity levels and intensities at which you’re exercising will dictate the rate of your metabolism. Stored body fat is an energy source, so the more you increases your metabolism, the more stored body fat will be used up even while you’re resting.

When your body is properly hydrated, it is able to process and signal without delay, causing your metabolism to speed up and causing you to lose more weight, more quickly.

How much water do you drink per day? Leave a comment below or share with your friends – encourage everyone to raise more glasses!


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