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Motivational Speaking from Marissa’s Wrap Party

Last week we showed you Marissa’s Wrap Party video and inspiring words from Marissa.

Steph, Marissa, and Dr. Raby

This week, we’ve got exclusive footage of Dr. Raby from the Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern and some words from Hope Jelinek-Berry, who did in-home massage and energy work for Marissa. Check it out!

Dr. Raby talks about how to honor yourself as a WHOLE – not just for weight loss or when you’re on a diet plan. And Hope talks about her joys of working with Marissa. We were so fortunate to have The Raby Institute and Hope Jelinek-Berry on our team – thank you!!

Hope Jelinek-Berry (middle) helped Marissa Step It Up!

Hope shares her journey with Marissa.

Dr. Raby showing her support for Marissa.

Stay tuned next week, when we hear what people are saying about how Marissa has personally inspired them!

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Weight Gain from Stress and How to Avoid It

We’ve heard before that “stress kills,” but did you also know that it makes you gain weight? When you are stressed, you produce more of the hormone cortisol, the “stress hormone” that causes belly fat!

In order to decrease your cortisol levels, you must de-stress and learn how to deeply relax. Here are a few quick tips on how you can learn to relax, even in your busy and stressful life:

Deep Belly Breaths

-Deep breathing allows the nervous system to relax and takes the body out of “flight or fight” mode. Instead, the body is better able to move between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, allowing relaxation to occur.

-Place your hands on your stomach, and take a deep breath in through your nose, filling your stomach up into your hands.

-Then feel the air rising up into your chest.

-Slowly breathe out through your nose (keeping your mouth closed).

-Repeat this breathing 10 times slowly throughout the day or whenever you’re feeling stressed.


-Exercise has been proven to reduce stress. Even if there is no physical change in your body, your stress levels are still greatly reduced.

-Your body releases feel good endorphins, which create a better mood and encourage a more relaxed demeanor.

Spending Time with Friends

-Research shows that people who socialize with friends report a reduction in stress levels and an increase in overall happiness.

Getting Enough Sleep

-The body needs time to repair itself, and it needs time to totally check out and relax during your sleep cycles.

-By getting an adequate amount of sleep for your body, you are able to be more relaxed and and also to relax more easily.

These tips will not only help you reduce stress, but also will help you avoid gaining weight. So if you’re not already, start implementing them today!

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Marissa’s Dramatic Reveal: Down 83 lbs, Video & Pics!

As many of you know, my client, Marissa, from the reality weight loss TV show, “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” hosted by Andrea Metcalf, hit her goal of losing 83 lbs in just 12 weeks!!

Steph, Marissa's mom, and the old Marissa!

The video below is footage from her dramatic reveal and some inspirational words from Marissa about how she accomplished this amazing feat.

Leave comments below to support Marissa and congratulate her – she lost the most weight out of anyone on the show, AND she’s maintaining this healthy lifestyle for the rest of her life! She is such an inspiration to us all!

Marissa breaks through her old self


And, if you aren’t already signed up to receive newsletter updates, make sure you do so below so you can hear exactly how Marissa did this in the weeks to come. One of the main tools she used to stay mentally on track was my 30 Day Workbook (see below). We will also be revealing all the other techniques we used to help her accomplish this goal!

Marissa with her uncles - a support system is KEY to achieving your goals!

Strutting her stuff with more of her wonderful family!

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What My Mom Taught Me about Healthy Food Choices

My mom and I were featured in an online article for Mother’s Day:

“My mom taught me to snack in a healthy way instead of eating a bunch of junk food. I remember eating graham crackers and celery sticks with peanut butter on them, and raisins in the car on the way to my sporting events. She’d always make us eat broccoli even if we didn’t like it, but let us dip it into ranch dressing with our sandwich at lunch.

Today, I encourage my clients to view food as fuel and to pay attention to what they are eating, even while snacking.”

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How to Help Your Mom Work Out on Mother’s Day

Does your mom enjoy working out, or do you wish she’d spend more time at the gym for her own health? Here are some fun workout tips for Mother’s Day:

-Invite your mom to a fitness class or just take her to the gym with you. Introduce her to the equipment, help her learn new moves, or even hire a personal trainer to give her a session or two.

-Buy your mom a workout DVD and follow along with her – working out together may remind her how working out can be fun!

-Buy your mom a cute workout top, then teach her workouts she can do at home in the comfort of her living room, such as yoga poses or Pilates moves.

-Hire an in-home yoga instructor to come see your mom and give her a completely customized and personal yoga class.

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Stepping It Up This Spring!

Hello ladies! I’m Stepping It Up this Spring, and I want to help you do the same!

We’ve got a brand new website, new blog posts, content, tips, tricks, and more ways to Step It Up mentally! As you know, losing weight or getting in shape IS a mental game, and that’s where I’m different than most health & fitness experts you may know.

I’m glad you’re here, and if you are not already signed up for my newsletter or working through my 30 Day Workbook, sign up and check them out below!

And, you can even comment below with the new format! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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