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Work Out with Shea Vaughn and Me!

I’ve got an exciting announcement today! I’m working with Shea Vaughn (creator of Sheanetics and mother of Vince Vaughn) and a whole team of people to get Chicago healthy!

On TV promoting Healthy Initiative Chicago!

And, we’re looking for 40 participants to go through a mind, body, and spirit program that I’m helping develop! Remember how my client, Marissa, lost 83 lbs in 12 weeks on the reality TV show? Well, this could happen for you!

I’m planning the Fitness Program with Shea.

After a planning meeting

Read below and click here to find out how you can be a participant in our program! We’ll even have a star-studded red carpet event as a celebration for your accomplishments. Find out more and apply HERE:

Click HERE to apply – it’s a 90 day challenge!

If this isn’t your style and you’re interested in working with my privately, fill out the Client Assessment Form and submit it ASAP! My spaces are filling up quickly.

Quick Techniques for Getting What You Want

Today I’m sharing with you some quick techniques for getting exactly what you want.

First, you must get clear on what exactly you want.

  1. Do you really want to lose 10 lbs because you hate your body, OR do you really want to like how your body looks and feels?
  2. Do you really want to restrict your calories to lose weight, OR do you really want to have more energy and feel lighter by eating healthier?
  3. Do you really want to hang around with that friend who always makes you feel bad about yourself, OR do you want to find new friends and are just afraid of meeting new people?
  4. Often times what we SAY we want is not what we actually want – there’s something deeper!

Start taking actions towards what you want.

  1. Years ago while searching for a new apartment, I contacted everyone I knew who could help me figure out where I wanted to live and how I could find my dream apartment.
  2. Similarly, one small action (like adding a side salad to your meal) signals to yourself that you’re taking action towards and putting effort into getting what you want.

Visualize what you want.

  1. I’m a HUGE fan of sticky notes!! I love posting them on mirrors and other places where I look throughout the day. Seeing the words, “I love my body” actually sink into your subconscious so that you start subconsciously believing and ACTING like you love your body.
  2. Write down what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror, and put this sticky note on your bathroom mirror.

My workbook helps women get what they want, starting with a positive body image & confidence in themselves! Check it out here:

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How To Have a Fun, Healthy Vacation

Here are some quick tips on how you can stay healthy and feeling fit on vacation and afterward this summer:

Be Active:

Try out a new sport or athletic activity. Last time I was in California, I tried out paddle boarding and loved it!

Eat Healthy at Buffets:

Aside from being pretty reasonably priced, it is very hard to walk into a buffet, starving, and eat a normal or healthy amount of food. Here’s how to eat healthy while on vacation:

ñ While at the buffet, look for food items you can stash in your bag for later…Things such as fruit, boxes of non-sugary cereal, bacon (wrapped in napkins!), a chicken egg roll (not the healthiest option, but still full of protein), and a few bran muffins.

ñ DO NOT show up starving. This is a TRAP! When you are starving and presented with a large amount of food, you head straight to carbs and sugar.

ñ DO take things to go. A lot of times we feel like we need to get our money’s worth at buffets or all-you-can-eat places. Instead, bring a little container or wrap some food in a napkin to munch on later.

Drinking Alcohol:

Especially when you have other people buying you drinks, it can be especially hard to turn them down. That’s why you MUST drink:

ñ One glass of water after one alcoholic beverage. That is the #1 Rule to preventing a hangover!

ñ Next, make sure you are hydrated throughout the day. Places like Vegas are SO dry that it is very easy to get alcohol poisoning or really sick after a few drinks. Make sure your liver and organs have tons of water to process all of the toxins from your drinks.

ñ Eat something before you go out! It does not need to be a gigantic meal – but eating a light meal ensures that your body is ready to function and is more prepared to handle whatever else you are putting into it!


Remember, this vacation is YOUR vacation! There are no schedules, no obligations, no mandatory things or commitments you need to oblige to. YOU set your own rules.

  • Prior to your vacation, think about what your goal is for the vacation. Is it to sight-see, relax, enjoy the company of those you’re with? Whatever your goal is, include some aspects of what makes YOU most happy and helps you accomplish that goal of your vacation.

Women like to use my workbook to keep them on track mentally when they’re away from home:
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Healthy Wedding Tips

It’s wedding season! Check out my beautiful friend who got married last month:

If you’re headed to a wedding, here are a few tips:

Eat beforehand!

Typically a wedding ceremony starts 4 hours before the reception starts – and when the reception starts, usually only appetizers are served for the first hour!

To avoid binging on appetizers (or getting tipsy before cocktail hour is over), make sure you eat a good, healthy meal before arriving to the ceremony, AND you can even bring a snack for in between the ceremony and reception

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it for forever: If you’re going to be drinking alcohol (especially at an open bar), make SURE you are hydrated.

Your liver needs something other than alcohol in order to prevent a possible hangover or excess drinking. Make sure you drink tons of water prior to the wedding.

Also follow the one drink, one water rule: For every alcoholic beverage you drink, follow it with a glass of water.

Practice walking in your shoes and putting on your clothes.

This may sound ridiculous, but if you’re a girl wearing heels, you must practice walking in them and feeling confident in them. Your body mechanics need to adjust when wearing heels, and it’s also important to feel comfortable and confident in your dressy outfit.

Have you seen my 30 Day Workbook?
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One Day Intensive Testimonial + My Client is Drinking More Water Than Ever!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working with my client, Cheryl, for her One Day Intensive.

We sat down for a few hours and discussed body image, confidence, why exercise/diets haven’t worked for her in the past, and mapped out her daily schedule. Then we infused health & wellness into her daily life, Step It Up with Steph style! Hear about what Cheryl had to say about her experience:


Cheryl is continuing on with my Diamond Program. For more info about these or other programs, email to set up your complimentary phone consult!

P.S. The Workbook that Cheryl is referring to is here:

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Post-Lunch Digestion Workout at Your Desk

Feeling sluggish after a big meal?

My beautiful sis and our Lebanese feast…we both ate too much at this delicious meal!

If you want to aid in digestion, here are a few moves you can do to help get things moving and prevent stomach pain:

  • Do a gentle twist about 15 minutes after you’ve eaten. Twist to the right, and hold on to your chair or desk. Look over your right shoulder, and take a few deep breaths. Then repeat on the left side. This helps your internal organs function more efficiently.
  • Do a side-stretch. While sitting down, reach your right arm up over your head, and towards the left. Feel a stretch in the right side of your body, and breathe for 3 breaths. Repeat on the left side.
  • Clasp your hands overhead, reaching towards the ceiling, and gently arch your low back to stretch out the front of your body.


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How To Drink More Water

If you forgot to grab a water bottle or just don’t enjoy the taste of water, check out these tips for how to drink more water:

Who wouldn’t be excited to drink water out of these stylish bottles?! 🙂

  • Get a fun water bottle. Keep something pretty in your house or at work that gets you excited to look at it and reach for it.
  • Cut up lemon slices to keep in your fridge. Squeeze pieces of lemon into your water to make it more flavorful.
  • Use the calendar and alarm on your phone to ding every 2 or 3 hours for a new glass of water.
  • Cut up fruit or use frozen fruit to place into your glass of water. It will give it a bit of natural flavor and also look pretty, making you want to reach for it.
  • What tips do you use to drink more water? Let us know in the comments below!

Feeling disconnected from your body? Women have said that my workbook helps them recognize WHEN they are thirsty!

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How To Stop Over-Eating

A few weeks ago I shared an article from Diets in Review that I was featured in – it discussed my struggle with over-eating when I was in college.

Today, I wanted to share some tips to avoid and stop over-eating and binge eating:

Force yourself to eat a fruit or vegetable before another handful.
• Eating something nutritious and healthy will BREAK the addicting craving for the sugary and loaded-with-chemicals junk food.
Do some jumping jacks or run in place
• Don’t you feel gross when you work out after you’ve just had a big meal? Get out of your chair and do a quick burst of cardio to move your body.  It will feel uncomfortable exercising after having eaten a lot of junk food, which is a reminder to your mind and body about how gross a lot of junk food makes you feel.

Do not purchase junk food!
• When something tastes so good, it’s really hard to stop eating it. So, why not just stop buying it in the first place? If you have a craving for ice cream, sure it’s less bang for your buck to buy single-serving containers, BUT, it’s more HEALTHY for your BODY.
If all else fails, CHEW SOME GUM.
• Gum works wonders to not only give your mouth something to do, but also to motivate you to NOT go for more than one serving of something.
• Once you put gum in your mouth, you don’t want to go through the ordeal of spitting it out, having the first few bites of food still taste like the gym, and then waste another piece of gum after you’re done eating. Chewing gum makes you have to think about putting more food in your mouth because it creates that extra step.

What helped me stop over-eating once and for all was finding my mind-body connection, which is what my 30 Day Workbook focuses on.

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Does This Job Make Me Look Fat?

As you know, I’m passionate about office workers’ health & fitness. That’s why I created the Cubicle Crunch and other corporate programs & classes to help employees become healthier and fit at work!

Recently I was featured on Career Solver’s blog – did you know that a recent Career Builder study revealed that 44% of employees say they gained weight at their current job? Here’s a little snippet of the article, and you can read the full article at the link below:

I recently had a conversation about on the job healthy eating and fitness habits with Stephanie Mansour, a health and fitness expert and facilitator of corporate wellness programs for top firms like GE, owner of Step it Up With Steph, and featured trainer on Chicago-based weight loss reality show Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.  She offered these tips for managing your waistline on the job.

  1. Don’t forgo breakfast and a mid morning snack in favor of a huge lunch where you are likely to be so hungry that you overeat. It’s best to eat 5 small meals each day to keep hunger pangs at bay and keep blood sugar levels stable.
  2. Schedule your exercise time in your calendar like you would any other important appointment.
  3. If you plan to go out after work with colleagues, schedule an exercise session first. Yoga can help you become more mindful in your eating and cardio exercise will help you burn some of those extra calories you may consume while you are out with colleagues.
  4. If you don’t have time to go to the gym during your workday, run up and down the stairs a few times or do some stretches in your chair or at your desk.
  5. If you plan to exercise during your lunch hour but don’t want to return to the office drenched in sweat, wear a headband to absorb sweat or perform yoga or Pilates exercises that work the muscles without working up too much of a sweat.
  6. Make each decision separate from the last one. Just because you began the day eating badly doesn’t mean you have to finish the day that way.

Stephanie’s client on Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is lost 83 lbs. in 12 weeks while working a high-powered stressful job that requires a lot of travel. You can watch her journey here.

You can find the full article on Career Solvers: Honey Does This Job Make Me Look Fat?

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