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Video: Flight Attendant Stretches on Plane with Me!

On one of my flights this year, one of my dreams came true: a flight attendant stretched with me!

Watch how this Southwest Airlines flight attendant stretched it out 30,000 feet above ground, and then watch how Marissa took it upon herself to stretch, too! Getting fit anytime, anywhere is the first step to conditioning your body to crave exercise, movement, and health!

Southwest Flight Attendant and I stretch it out:

Marissa stretches on board:

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Watch Me Invade My Client’s Home!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m fortunate enough to work with highly successful women who are able to joke with me but also know when to NOT mess with me! I want to ensure the success of each of my clients, so I go to certain extremes to support my clients in being successful with their own health & fitness.

Dun dun dun…so one of my clients was having difficulty remembering to drink half of her body weight in ounces – in fact, she was sometimes only drinking 8 ounces per day!! After almost four weeks of this, I decided that an intervention was needed. Watch as I invade my client’s home to set up a water drinking system that’s fool-proof:

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Top Nike Trainers in Chicago & My Team!

This past weekend I was asked to be one of the 20 top trainers in Chicago at the Nike Challenge in Chicago!

I had to select 5 members of my Step It Up with Steph team to participate in the challenge – it was over 4 hours of intense drills, exercises, and even a one mile run!

Even though I wasn’t doing all of the challenges – I was coaching my team – I’m still SO sore! I can’t imagine how sore my team was 🙂

I hit them hard with non-stop circuit training and we came in 4th overall!

This took a LOT of mental toughness from my team – it was definitely mind over matter, but we had a goal in mind! We had to burn as much Nike “Fuel” with the new wristbands from Nike as possible. We wanted to burn the most and we came very close!

It’s important to have a goal and to be in the right frame of mind in order to reach your goals. Ask my clients and members of our team – the energy (positive, negative, excited, or indifferent) that you bring to your goal will greatly influence the outcome.

Check out my workbook if you want a more in-depth study of this:
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