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#1 Key to Success + More Harvard Pics!

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As promised, I’m sharing with you more pics from my visit with my littlest sister last weekend:

Can you believe that she’s 8 years younger than me?!

Today I’m talking about what I believe to be the #1 key to success. I shared this story with my sister, Christine, after we had almost magically been escorted into Fenway for the Red Sox baseball game, for free, about 15 rows up from 3rd base, with no tickets. Yes, you read that right:

How did this happen? After arriving well into the 2nd inning, we began scalping tickets. We got a guy to go down from $80 for 2 to $40 for 2, but I was only willing to pay $25 for two. (Cheap, I know, but I have done this before at similar games, and it works.) Amidst looking for tickets, a few people selling hats and shirts outside of the stadium invite us over. We start chatting, and the group tells one of the guys to do us a favor. Before we know it, we are being escorted through a souvenir shop and told to go find a seat.

Wait, what? We had no tickets, and walked into the game completely free. We then found seats 15 rows up from 3rd base and had a great time!

My sister asked, “Stephanie, HOW did we do this? How were you so confident? I was getting nervous that there wouldn’t be tickets!”

I explained to her the #1 key to success: Believing that you already have it. Knowing and feeling that you’ve already got what you want. Not having a plan B. For me, there was no other option – there was no way I wasn’t getting into the game.

Similarly, the next day I had no idea where my sister’s class was. But, I decided to find a way to surprise her outside of it. After asking some random people questions, I went on a hunt. I found her bike, and surprised her in her class.

Another example of this is when we weren’t on the “list” to get into an ultra exclusive “finals club” on campus. I’m not one to get turned away – I knew we’d get in, somehow. Sure enough, here we are:

What does all of this have to do with our everyday health & fitness, or our everyday happiness, or even our lifetime successes?

Our minds and our beliefs are SO powerful – what you think really is what you get. What you see, from your eyes, is what the world is. Your perception is your reality. The problem is not only understanding this, but also recognizing and then changing your thoughts and behaviors to align with what success means to you.

If you have no other option but to succeed, you will succeed. The question is, are you mentally ready? Let me know what you think about this by leaving a comment below.


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My Harvard Pics + The #1 Key To Having Better Luck

Today I’m sharing with you what I believe is the #1 key to having better luck.

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Last weekend I visited my littlest sister who lives in Boston and attends Harvard. Even though I did go to a great academic school, the University of Michigan, I’m proud to say that my little sister has indeed shown me up in the world of academics! 🙂 Go Christine! In an attempt to “be more like her when I grow up”, here’s a pic of me going for the intellectual look:

Someone once told me that there’s no such thing as luck. Rather, luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity. Let that sink in for a minute. What does that mean, exactly? Well, when you are prepared for something, and an opportunity arises, you are in luck. You are lucky. You have good luck.

Take this picture of my sister for example:

She has pens that color-code her week. On Monday she uses a black pen, Tuesday a blue one, etc. She has set up a system to prepare her for opportunities that test her intelligence, such as tests, exams, and even open-book exams where thanks to her color-coding, she’ll be better able to find her notes because they will be organized by day and lecture.

This relates to our bodies, too. How many people see an attractive, in-shape woman and think: Wow, she’s lucky. Or, how many times have you said, “She’s so lucky. She has it all.”

Let’s say, for example, that you just feel unlucky because you have tried a bunch of diets, and none of them have worked for you. But you know countless people who have tried the same diets and they work! So, you assume that they must just be lucky, and you’re not so lucky. When really, what’s actually going on is that they are prepared, in one capacity or another, better than you are for the opportunity of this particular diet.

(How many people in this lecture at Harvard do you think were prepared to seize the opportunity to soak in all the professor had to offer?)

They are prepared mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially for the opportunity that the diet (or in this case, the lecture) presents. The problem therefore isn’t that you aren’t lucky; it’s that you’re not prepared for the opportunity or the opportunity isn’t right for you at that time.

There’s another saying that goes, “When the student arrives, the teacher appears.” In other words, when you are ready to learn, when you’re ready to change, when you’re ready to grow, and when you’re prepared to take that next step, the opportunity and the teacher will appear.

What’s the #1 key to having better “luck”? Being prepared for the opportunities that you want to take advantage of and that will make you feel “lucky”.

Have any comments to share? Leave them below!

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Why I Was Intimidated by Spinning & How We Can Step It Up

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This week my close friend visited from NYC, and she convinced me to try out a spinning class at Fly Wheel.

Here’s a pic of us before – I was wondering what the heck we were going to do with this stick on a spin bike:

And here we are, drenched, after. Do you like my new sweatband? 🙂

Sometimes I get intimidated when trying out new workouts – is it going to be really hard? Will I understand what to do? What if I don’t like the instructor? What if I find something wrong with the workout and can’t enjoy myself? And mostly – why would I try something new? I like what I’m doing.

Enter my good friend Suzy. Suzy and I lived together in NYC about 5 years ago, and made it our mission to try out one new gym a week (with free memberships for one week) and get the biggest bang for our week. I remembered a spinning class I had gone to and remembered feeling like I was going to pass out! Between the neon lights, the crazy instructor, and the techno music, not to mention pedaling my legs faster than I knew was possible, I was maxed out in every way possible.

So when Suzy asked me to try out a new spin place with her, you can imagine how nervous and intimidated I felt!

Nonetheless, I committed to going, registered, and while it WAS very challenging for 45 minutes, I felt great afterwards. (By the way, the stick was used as a 4 lb arm weight during class – killer.)

Isn’t this like so many things in life? We are stuck in our patterns and set in our ways, and often times it takes someone or something from outside of ourselves to see the light and Step It Up. When’s the last time you felt that you’d acted on something that was outside of yourself, and that brought you to the next level? It can be something physical, mental, or even emotional.

I think it’s important to remember that everything doesn’t always have to be up to us – the weight doesn’t have to be completely on our shoulders. But, when we are presented with opportunities to branch out, get out of our comfort zone, and Step It Up, it’s important to act on them. When’s the last time you did this? I’d love to know in the comments below!!

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Step It Up from Your Comfort Zone for The Body You Want

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A lot of us live our lives in a “comfort zone” of sorts. We are comfortable with things that we love, like, dislike, and even hate. In fact, even when things are not “good” for us, and even when we KNOW they aren’t good for us, we’re at least comfortable. We know what to expect.

Check out a small example of how I Stepped It Up from my comfort zone and, amidst my big fear of heights, stepped outside almost 100 floors above ground!

I often get the question “Why do you discriminate against men and only work privately with women??” I usually laugh and say that men act inappropriate towards me and I don’t want to deal with excess flattery 🙂 But if they keep questioning, I get down to the core of the matter: To me, men seem simple when it comes to their bodies. Women, on the other hand, are much more complex. For us, it’s not about just losing or gaining, eating healthy and then splurging, feeling good when we exercise and overweight when we don’t; rather, for women, it’s a way of life.

As evident by political gatherings and critiques, we hear a focus on what women are wearing and how they look rather than what exactly they are saying. Everyone envies Michelle Obama’s arms – but do you hear guys envying Barack’s slender and fit physique? Women are bombarded with messages about our bodies – what’s toned, and what’s too buff, what’s thin, and what’s too thin, how much pressure we should put on ourselves when it comes time to bare all in a bathing suit, etc. When do we ever stop hearing about how important our looks are? We don’t. This is why I am so passionate about working with women and like leaving men for other professionals 🙂

In order to actually have a mental transformation about your body, exercise, food, health, and fitness, you need to Step It Up from your comfort zone to create a new comfort zone that’s even more sustainable than your current one.

Just like how I stood 100 floors above the earth and put my fears aside, and just how my clients willingly change their lifestyles (with my guidance) – it’s all about getting out of your place of comfort with the faith that you’re meant to step into an even better, happier place.

What do you think? Any comments? Please leave them below!!

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Healthy Drinking During Football Season

It’s that time of year – football! With the first few games weeks under our belt, I wanted to share with you some drinking tips! “Day drinking” and “Sunday Fundays” are pretty popular in Chicago and I’m sure in the rest of the country. So here are some tips on how to stay healthy and smart while drinking:

  • Check out these shots that our friend bought for us. I’m a big chocolate and mint fan, so that’s what this shot is. Instead of opting for a full tequila, vodka, or rum shot, I opted for a drink with less alcohol than a normal shot. Since it generally takes the body a while to process alcohol (and then to feel the “buzz”) it can be dangerous to drink too much, too soon. That’s why I love these mint chocolate shots – the perfect amount of alcohol and taste!
  • If you’re a beer drinker, I found my friend really Stepping It Up on his most recent order of a Blue Moon. Check out how he’s getting his Vitamin C by ordering a plateful of orange slices (no charge – they come with the beer and will always give you more if you ask!) AND had a glass and pitcher full of water at his side. Now THIS is what I call a healthy way to drink beer – don’t you agree?!

What do you think about my tips on how to drink in a healthy way? Leave a comment below!

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Sweat: Why You Should Embrace It

Recently I was featured in Diets in Review about the importance of sweating!

Here are my tips on WHY you should embrace sweating:

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4 Surprising Exercises for Stress Release

Check out my exercises for stress release, featured in Diets in Review.

Sometimes, punching a punching bag is not always the best way to reduce stress – sitting still is. Find out why below:

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