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How to Meet New Friends and Feel Confident in Social Situations

Welcome to a new episode of “Ask Steph“!

Today I’m answering your questions – whether you’re at a professional event or a friend’s party, I’ve got some tips on how to feel more confident in social situations, and how to meet new friends.

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Ask Steph: Booty Calls, Why You’re Hungrier on the Weekends, and More!

Welcome to another episode of Ask Steph!

While I am known as one of Chicago’s best personal trainers, in-home yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, and Body Image & Confidence Coach, I’m answering all of your lifestyle questions!

This includes personal, career, relationship, and confidence questions!

Check out the latest episode of Ask Steph:

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Ask Steph: How to Have More Confidence & Self Esteem

Welcome to a new video series, Ask Steph!

As you may know, I am known as one of the best personal trainers in Chicago, and also a Chicago yoga instructor, in-home Pilates instructor, and body image & confidence coach. You can ask me your health & fitness questions, but I’d like to encourage you to ask lifestyle questions as well!

I’m all about helping women feel more confident and happy in their lives, and also making empowering decisions from a centered place of control.

If you have a question you’d like answered, please leave a comment below! I’ll be sure to answer it next week.