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Healthy Options for Your Next Barbeque As Seen on CBS Chicago

Chicago’s favorite Health & Wellness Expert stopped by CBS Chicago to share some simple swaps that you can do at your next BBQ to stay healthy! Check out the healthiest dips, chips, burgers, and even alcoholic beverages:

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Did you get too stuffed or feel like you gained weight last weekend at all of the 4th of July BBQs? Well, we’ve got some solutions for you to keep healthy and fit at the rest of your BBQs this summer! Our Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph is here to share some tips.

First, let’s start with mentally preparing yourself for a BBQ.
1. Mindset going in – if you are saving up calories or planning ahead of time to overeat, you’re setting yourself up for failure!
2. Viewing food as fuel – know what your triggers are beforehand, and come up with a mantra that you will say to yourself. (EX: I like feeling healthy so I love eating vegetables!)

Next, let’s take a look at some healthy options at BBQs.
1. Dips: use hummus or guacamole INSTEAD OF creamy dips.
2. Chips: use VEGGIES or HEALTHY CHIPS instead of greasy potato chips
3. Stick to lean meats SANS the bun
4. Use clear liquor & sparkling water INSTEAD OF beer or fattening margaritas

Finally, research shows that just 5 minutes of exercise boosts your body image & self-esteem!

1. Before heading to a BBQ, get in a high intensity interval workout.
2. Don’t bank on beach volleyball for your exercise – think of it as a bonus.

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Beat the Heat This Summer! Easy Ways to Cool Down as Seen on NBC Chicago

As the temperatures are getting higher, it’s getting more challenging to stay cool! Health & Lifestyle Coach Stephanie Mansour stopped by NBC Chicago to give us some easy ways to cool down this summer. Worried about heat stroke or heat exhaustion? Here are some preventative ways to make sure you don’t overheat this summer:

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Chicago’s best Health and Fitness Expert stopped by to share her tips. Check out the answers to our questions:

What are some symptoms people may be feeling as a result of the heat?

• Sluggish – your body is putting the majority of its energy towards cooling off. Especially if it’s extra muggy out, you may be sweating but your body isn’t cooling off.
• Irritated – Focusing on cooling off and being dehydrated can create muddled thinking and even impede your ability to make decisions.
• Bloated and not able to go to the bathroom – the blood vessels around your kidneys contract, reducing the urge to urinate. Similarly, digestion isn’t a top priority.
• Swollen hands and feet – this is a body mechanic to cool the body.
• Poor workouts – When you’re body is trying to cool down, the muscles are busy and aren’t up for an intense exertion.

Some of these can be deadly, right? What should we pay extra attention to?
• Yes, you want to pay special attention to heat exhaustion and heat stroke during this time.
• Symptoms include feeling dizzy, vomiting, excessive thirst, and loss of consciousness.

What can you do to prevent these negative effects of the heat?
• Drink more water. How much water should you drink? On a normal day, you should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water. On hotter days, drink a lot more.
• You can also drink Powerade, Gatorade, Coconut water, WTRMLN WTR, and anything with the electrolytes that you lost from sweating.
• Prop your legs up and avoid standing suddenly.
• Take off your rings and jewelry – anything that is constricting you.
• Work out slower, stop sooner, and don’t push yourself. Yes – I’m giving you a pass to NOT work out!
• Breathe in deeply inside in air conditioning.
• Eat cool foods Yes – even ice cream!
• Heat disrupts sleep – turn the AC up extra high

Chicago’s weight loss coach for women, Stephanie Mansour, coaches women everywhere to lose weight fast and make it last. She is a Health and Fitness Expert and can be seen on TV in Chicago and also nationally.