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How to Create a Healthy Morning Routine As Seen on CBS Chicago

Chicago’s best weightloss coach for women, Stephanie Mansour, visited CBS Chicago to share her best morning routine exercises and on-the-go breakfasts and snacks to keep you energized and even excited to wake up in the morning!

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Chicago’s best Health and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour shares her tips:

Is your morning normally frazzled and rushed? With the kids going back to school, it’s time to get some order and structure back to the early mornings for our own peace of mind, and to start our kids’ days off great. Our Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph is here to share some easy & energizing tips.

First, let’s start with some energizing foods that are fast & easy:

1. Protein – here’s how to make an easy protein smoothie in less than 30 seconds
2. Grains – Not a fan of drinking your breakfast? Check out KIND bars. They are made from nutritious and wholesome ingredients that contain protein and fiber and fats. Much of the fat in the bars is unsaturated fat (good fats) that comes from nuts, which are also a source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, and fiber.
o When your choosing snack bars, avoid Performance Bars which often contain highly processed ingredients including artificial sweeteners. They may contain high amounts of protein, but mostly from isolates rather than whole-food sources.

3. Grab N’ Go – have a snack for later. Avoid the vending machine & soda with this energizing snack. Sip on WTRMLN WTR or sparkling water, and bring healthy chips like Pop Chips.

Next, let’s focus on our bodies. If you’re feeling lethargic and tired, here’s how to wake up fast:

1. Do an easy yoga breathing & movement routine.
2. Feel energized by awakening your eyes with a face spray.

Finally, here’s how to avoid hitting the “snooze” button:
1. Set your alarm for the latest possible time to avoid snoozing. The sleep you get after you hit the snooze button isn’t good quality anyways!
2. Set a morning intention or have a morning playlist that will get you in the right state of mind and excited to get the day started.

Chicago’s best weight loss coach for women Stephanie Mansour can be seen on Television as a Health & Fitness Expert. Steph privately coaches women to lose weight fast and make it last!

Tips on Getting Better Sleep As Seen on ABC Chicago

Chicago’s best weightloss coach for women, Stephanie Mansour, stopped by ABC 7 Chicago to share her best tips for getting better sleep and getting into a good sleeping routine for back to school. Are you having a hard time sleeping or do you suffer from insomnia? Here are a few ways to get a better night’s sleep:

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It’s that time of year – back to school. Often times that means earlier bedtimes and sometimes it can mean difficulty sleeping. Today we’ve brought in our Health & Wellness Expert Stephanie Mansour to help us get into a better nighttime routine and give us some easy ways to ensure that we get better sleep.

Why is this such a challenging time for adults and kids to get into a better sleep routine?
– First, it’s still light outside. Your body doesn’t realize that it’s time to wind down and get ready to sleep.
– Your body also needs time to adjust to a different routine.
– Finally, we need to add structure to our nights.

You’ve brought in some things that are useful for better sleep. Tell us about them:
– Specific foods (grains, cherries) help the body to relax and aid in falling asleep. Eating melatonin-supporting foods (like oats and cherries) before bed will help you fall asleep. Melatonin is a naturally produced hormone that’s responsible for regulating your sleep-wake cycle and can help reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.

– Remember to eat a smaller dinner so that your body is not staying awake digesting food and so that your energy can go towards relaxation; not digestion.
– Drink tea & read a mindless book before bed. Chamomile tea is a traditional herbal remedy to aid in falling asleep. Tea in general is good to include in your nighttime ritual because drinking something hot forces you to slow down and be present. This helps calm the mind, and re-focus your energy. Similarly, reading a book allows you to stop thinking about your to-do list and allows the nervous system time to settle down.
– Get a special pillow to entice kids to read a book in bed. This gives your kids something to look forward to in their bedroom and is a great way to entice them to bed early. Give them a comfortable place to read a book that their interested in, and you’ll have them running for bedtime in no time!
– Turn off electronics & doing a breathing meditation. Research shows that the images and glares from electronic devices actually keep your brain stimulated enough to cause sleep problems. Keep the electronics out of the bedroom or turn them off, and do a deep breathing meditation. By calming your physical body, you’ll allow your mind to relax.
– Finally, some practical rules:
o Keep it cool in the bedroom. Be comfortable! The last thing you want to keep you from falling asleep is tossing and turning because you’re too hot.
o NO exercise right before bed
Everyone is different, but most of us get too revved up after a workout to be able to calm down into a restful state.

Chicago’s best Health and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour coaches women to lose weight fast and make it last. She helps her clients learn the best foods to eat for weight loss, the best ways to cure insomnia, the best ways to relax, and the best ways to lose weight fast.