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How to Lose Weight Fast & Why Women Gain Weight As They Age As Seen on CBS Chicago

Chicago’s best weight loss coach for women, Stephanie Mansour, stopped by to talk to us about how women gain weight differently at different ages. Chicago’s best personal trainer for women also shared the best ways to lose weight for your age:

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Do you struggle with weight loss, or have you noticed that as you get older, it’s been more challenging to keep weight off? Well here today to help us understand why is our Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph:
Stephanie Mansour has worked with thousands of women of all ages who are successful professionally, socially, even happy in their families. The #1 struggle many of her clients haven’t been able to overcome is weight loss. Why do women have a hard time losing weight? Stephanie says:

– When women are younger, their metabolisms are faster and it’s generally a little easier to lose weight.
– When women are older and closer to menopause and after it’s more bellyfat. In menopause, the adrenals are working overtime which causes the cortisol levels to increase.

Average 30 year old client:
– When you’re younger, you tend to store fat all over. Maybe you were athletic when you were younger, and a sedentary lifestyle is just starting to pack on the pounds.
• Do high intensity interval workouts combining cardio & strength. Push yourself!
• Eat a balanced diet – simple tweaks make it simple for you to lose weight fast.

Average 40 year old client:
– In middle aged women, I see a lot of weight gain in the thighs, butt, and waist. It’s starting to move more towards the middle of their body.
• When you are pre-menopausal or even in menopause you may need to kick your body into overdrive or slow it down and mix it up. This can be a very difficult transition phase for women because what worked for you in your 20s and 30s may not be working for you now.
• Typically I try a variety of workouts with my clients and see how their body responds, trying to shock the system.
• Shake things up. Do smoothie cleanses. Do different workouts, change it up every couple of weeks.

Average 50 year old client:
– Weight loss now can be a major struggle because now the cortisol levels are generally higher and this causes storage of belly fat.
– To lose weight, you actually really need to focus on reducing stress. Once in a while I’ll have a client who responds really well to that higher intensity workout, but 9 times out of 10 it is the lifestyle changes, getting enough sleep, balancing the hormones, working with a Dr. of Naturopathy, doing yoga, meditating, and having that mental commitment to reach your goal that makes weight loss possible.

Stephanie Mansour is Chicago’s best weight loss coach for women because of her holistic approach to help women lose weight fast and make it last.

7 Ways to Get More Vitamin D as Seen On Fox Chicago

Chicago’s best Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour stopped by Chicago’s Fox 32 to share 7 ways to get more vitamin D this Fall and winter. Chicago’s best weight loss coach for women shared foods that have Vitamin D and other ideas for getting more Vitamin D:

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As summer turns to Fall, and we have fewer hours of sunlight, many peoples’ Vitamin D levels drop. Here to give us ways to boost our levels and increase energy is Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph!

7 Ways to get more Vitamin D:

1. Natural sunlight lamp that simulates daylight – OR walk outside with a co-worker for a “walking meeting”.
2. Exercise daily – regular exercise actually assists with the production of Vit. D!
3. Crack open a can of…tuna. Tuna & salmon have healthy fats and TONS of Vit. D.
4. How do you know if you need a Vit. D Supplement? Ask your doctor about the correct dosage for you, but you can take it in pill form.
5. Fortified sources – orange juice, milk, almond milk – make sure it says “fortified” though.
6. Eating Shiitake mushrooms
7. Eating Egg Yolks

Stephanie Mansour is the best weight loss coach for women. As a women’s Health & Fitness Expert, she appears regularly on Television to help women everywhere feel more confident and healthy.