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Which Healthy Habit is Better? As Seen on WGN TV Chicago

Chicago’s best health & fitness expert Stephanie Mansour stopped by WGN TV Chicago to share which healthy habit is better for your New Year’s Resolution:

Short on time in the New Year, but looking to lose weight or be healthier? Instead of completely overhauling your life, our Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour says to focus on a few specific goals and then you’ll be more likely to reach them. So, in the spirit of the New Year, being successful, healthier, and saving time, Steph’s here to share with us the healthier of two healthy habits, if you had to choose:
What’s better Steph? Doing more cardio, or doing more strength training?

Doing more strength training. The reason is that when you’re building muscle, you’re better able to burn fat because you’ll actually be burning fat in your sleep! As opposed to more cardio, when you’re only burning calories while you’re exercising.

OK, let’s talk about an early morning workout! What’s better, sleeping in for an extra hour, or waking up early to work out?

If you are sleep deprived, or chronically feeling tired, you MUST sleep! Getting at least 7 hours per sleep is recommended and is in fact necessary to help your body function properly. You need sleep to burn fat and feel energized. Waking up early for a workout may just be too draining. Set yourself up for success by scheduling in a workout when you know you won’t be too tired!

If you are trying to go to bed earlier, get into a nighttime ritual. Put lotion on your hands and feet, light a candle, and get into the “mood” to go to sleep. Then you’ll feel well rested and ready to wake up in the morning.

Focusing on cutting down on sugar, or stress?

Focus on cutting down on sugar if possible. By consuming so much processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, and sugary junk food, you’re feeding the body’s hamster wheel of fat storage and unhealthiness. Reduce your sugar intake and notice how your mood may mellow out, which may in turn reduce stress.

Check the sugar intake on your “healthy” items – for example, many granola bars, protein bars, and snack bars have TONS of sugar in them! Check the labels of your processed frozen foods, too.

Drinking more water, or cutting down on caffeine?

Drink more water! Why? Many of my clients who’ve given up their caffeine addiction didn’t realize that they were actually THIRSTY, which was causing them to drink so much coffee in the mornings. Your body needs to be hydrated – we are 2/3 water!

Finally, should we stretch more with yoga, or strengthen more with core exercises?

Focus on your core! There was just an article in the Wall Street Journal talking about how sit-ups are becoming more and more correlated with low back pain.

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New Year’s Resolutions Solutions as Seen on WINK TV in Southwest Florida

Looking to be in the top percentage of resolutionaries who actually KEEP their resolutions? Today our Life Coach & Health Expert Stephanie Mansour is here to share with us ways to ensure that we’re not setting ourselves up to fail:

1. Have a plan – write it out. Get a calendar. Think it through. Be crystal clear on what your goals are. Last year, the top 10 tweeted NY Resolutions last year were to work out more, lose weight, be happier, and eat better. But these are so VAGUE! How to succeed in your New Year’s Resolutions is to make them as specific as possible. If you want to lose weight, make sure you are clear on how much weight you want to lose. Do you want to lose weight and be a certain size? Do you want to fit into a certain dress size or pant size? Visualize where you want to be, and be specific!

2. Be realistic with your goals: Make sure you make smaller goals as well as a larger one. Losing 2 lbs per week is realistic, especially for the ladies in our 21 Day Challenge.

3. Boost your confidence in yourself. The more confident you feel in reaching your goal, the more motivated you are to stick with it!

4. Reward yourself. Give yourself healthy gifts, like a new workout top or a massage.

5. In order to lose weight and confidently reach your goals, you need to have a support system. Post photos or share your goal on social media. You’ll have an online community of women!

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Weight Loss Solutions & How to Avoid Weight Gain Over the Holidays As Seen on WINK TV

Worried about gaining weight over the holidays, like many people? Well Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour stopped by WINK TV in Southwest Florida to share with viewers some tips to avoid weight gain over the holidays and give some weight loss solutions for the new year:

Living in Southwest FL has its perks: many of our families come see us for the holidays! But we still go out to eat, have big family meals, and probably eat too many cookies. Our Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour is here to share with us 5 ways to avoid weight gain over the next week:

1. Set yourself up for nutritional success: keep blood sugar levels stabilized by eating enough protein throughout the day. Vega Protein & Greens protein powder is excellent because there’s 20 grams of protein plus two servings of greens. It’s a great way to start your day! Make this easy protein smoothie by adding in one scoop of Vega, 1 cup of almond milk, and a handful of frozen berries and then blend in the blender. If you’re on the go, look for ingredients and food labels that you can see and pronounce. Steph’s favorite bars are Kind Bars because you can find them with 7 grams of protein and they taste great!

2. Make an appointment on your calendar for a workout! 30 minutes is all you need for an effective fast blasting workout.

3. Take care of yourself: stress can cause fat gain! Get a Massage, schedule in your workouts, and schedule “me” time.

4. If you’re going to indulge, have a “moderation is key” attitude instead of an “all or nothing” one. Does your family sit around and snack? Look for healthier alternatives. For example, PopChips have half the fat of regular potato chips. You can also make your own healthy snacks. But if you’re going to go for your mom’s cookies, make sure that you’re tasting them instead of devouring them! Set yourself up for success by eating enough protein throughout the day.

5. Work as a team: find a healthy family member or friend who can motivate you and keep your attitude positive!

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How to Stay Energized Through the Holidays & Healthy Holiday Gifts

Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour stopped by Chicago’s ABC 7 to share some easy ways to stay energized for a day of shopping plus healthy holiday gift ideas for anyone on your list!

It’s that time of year again, and holiday shopping is in full swing! Here today to give us tips on how to stay energized for a marathon day of shopping AND to share with us healthy gifts for everyone on your list is our Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph!

How can shoppers keep up their energy if they’re planning on a long day in the stores?
– Write down everyone you’re shopping for and ideas you have for them. This will save you from being frazzled and draining your energy!
– Load up on healthy protein & veggies before heading out for the day. Eat a salad with protein, make a protein shake, or meet your friends for brunch beforehand.
– Opt for healthy snacks- in line at the check out counter? Grab a chocolate bar that has NUTS in it for protein. At Starbucks? Grab a Justin’s Peanut Butter Cup or a Kind Bar.

What are some healthy gifts that anyone on your list will want?
– Healthy Tech: check out the Verizon Wireless store on Michigan Avenue! They have the world’s first shatterproof screen smart phone (also the world’s fastest charging phone) and fitness trackers – yes, these are STILL in style and killing it with health & fitness fanatics & couch potatoes alike!
– Personalized workout equipment & props – pick your favorite color, monogram it, or even give something fitness related to your favorite couch potato. These new Trigger Point foam rollers are awesome! I also have a new Workout DVD good for women of all fitness levels.
– Finally, de-stressing is part of being healthy and fit. Gift someone a spa or beauty treatment from your favorite place. Or make someone feel like they have a spa at home with these soy candles by Nicolet Candle.

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