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Replacing Unhealthy Habits That Are Holding You Back As Seen on WINK TV

We’re almost a full month in to 2016. Have you been sticking to your New Year’s Resolution? Old habits die hard, so here today to give us a boost and give us some ideas for healthy swaps for some of our unhealthy habits is Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour!

Are you a chip-a-holic? I used to love eating chips. I’d eat a whole bag at once! Thankfully I found a healthy replacement with half the fat and no grease!

Too embarrassed to go to the gym? Not sure how to use equipment? Work out at home! You don’t need fancy equipment to get in a good workout.

Craving a candy bar in the check out line at the store or at a vending machine? Here’s a healthier alternative: try a chocolate protein bar for a mid-afternoon boost!

Craving a milkshake after a long day? Make your own protein smoothie. One of my clients was craving a banana split every night. It had become an unhealthy habit. I got her to use chocolate protein powder and a banana and almond milk to make a very healthy smoothie that helped her lose weight!

Finally, having a hard time cutting out your glass of champagne while out to dinner or your nightcap? Try sparkling water instead.

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New Year’s Resolutions Tips As Seen on NBC Chicago

Chicago’s best weight loss coach and health expert Stephanie Mansour reported LIVE from Hi Fi Fitness in downtown Chicago to give NBC 5 Chicago viewers tips all morning long for the new year. Make 2016 your best year yet with Chicago’s best weight loss coach for women:

Here are 5 moves for a full body workout:
NFL shuffle in place (show low impact & high impact)
Basic Squat
Side Leg Lift (for the booty)
Plank into a Push Up (on knees or from plank)
Ab Crunches

Ready for healthy resolution suggestions? Here they are:
1. To be a certain weight. Figure out how much you want to weigh, NOT how much you want to lose!
2. To eat in a specific way. Be specific – how many calories, what food, what time do you want to eat?
3. To drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces. How will you accomplish this?
4. To workout 5 times per week. Pencil in your workouts in your calendar. Plan ahead!
5. To go to bed at a certain time. Give yourself a bedtime!

Ready for the 5 essentials to pack in your workout bag? Here they are:
An extra workout top
Fitbit or Step Tracker or Smart Phone
Protein bar

Finally, here are 5 mindset traps that might sabotage your resolution
– Body shaming: focus on how you WANT to look – hold up a pair of jeans or dress you want to fit in to.
– All or Nothing: just because you don’t have an hour to work out doesn’t mean you can’t. I have a 30 minute workout AND 5 minute workouts that are effective on my brand new DVD.
– Not seeing results so quitting: Write out your goal on a piece of paper or in a little book.
– Being quiet about your goals: Find a support community online! Share your resolution on social media.
– Not celebrating successes: Keep a success journal

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Fit in 60 seconds Bonus Video for

The best weight loss coach for women Stephanie Mansour stopped by to give a bonus exercise for her Fit in 60 second workout to “Step It Up in 60”! Check it out here:

Lose weight in 2016 and get Steph’s Free weight loss guide! (One of my clients lost over 80 lbs in just 12 weeks!)

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Rejuvenate Your Resolution: How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions As Seen on ABC Chicago

It’s time to Rejuvinate your Resolution! Life Coach & Health Expert Stephanie Mansour is here to help us course correct. Her 5 step fool-proof system will get you from feeling dejected to feeling motivated in no time:

1. Analyze the goal: ask yourself these questions.
Is it simple? Is it positive? Is there emotion attached to it?

2. Surround yourself with like-minded people. In my 21 Day Challenge, we have thousands of women who’s goals are similar: lose weight fast and make it last, and feel more confident and happy about how they feel and look. Find people who share your goal and are positive!

3. Back to Basics: schedule your workouts.
Use Music: These speakers are awesome. I love Fugoo because you can take these speakers anywhere (the dessert, in water, in different climates) and they are made to work!
Give yourself a bedtime. Treat yourself like a child. Do basic things to get into a routine.
Get into a regular routine: take a shower after your workout. Paint your nails. Do things that promote self-care, such as using lotion. I love using Vaseline. You’ll instantly see results with these things. Your nails will be a different color, your skin will become moisturized. It’s a tangible result that you can see instantly, and it’ll make you feel good about yourself.

4. Reward yourself for meeting your goals. I love massages.
I schedule it a couple of weeks in advance as motivation to hit my goal.
I’ve been going to Bliss Spa in Chicago recently because not only do they have amazing services, but they did an overhaul of their spa and have lots of perks,
like free make up touch ups after your services!

5. Finally, re-work your goals if they aren’t working for you!
Get more specific. Change up your type of workout. Change your food program.

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Fit in 60 seconds: Step It Up in 60 Seconds As Seen on HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade

Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour stopped by HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade to put Robin Meade through a 60 second workout! This full body 60 second workout is great to start your day or to repeat over and over to get a lean and sculpted body and lose weight! Join the best health & fitness expert Stephanie Mansour and follow along with this quick workout that’s simple and easy to follow:

A 60 second workout is effective for getting your mind and body in gear! Do this energizing routine and then eventually, you’ll be wanting to work out for longer than 60 seconds.

1. Toe Tap (cardio – can make this high or low impact)
2. Cha-Ching Lunge (legs)
3. Hug & Extend (abs on the floor)

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What’s the Better Diet Cheat, Wine or Pizza? As Seen on WGN TV Chicago

If you’re like many Americans, you’ve probably made a healthy New Year’s resolution (or two!) But what can you do if you’re short on time and looking to choose between the lesser of two unhealthy evils? We’ve brought in Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph to help us decode the lesser of two evils:

So Stephanie, you’ve got some unhealthy pairings, and you’re going to tell us which one we should pick if we HAD to make a choice. Some of us are limited by time, and others are limited by feeling like we don’t want to have to be strict or perfect in our diets 100% of the time.
That’s right! I’ve got six pairs of “evils” and I’ll explain which one of them is worse than the other one!

Overeating or overdrinking?
Overdrinking is worse: Your body cannot store alcohol as energy or fuel to use later, and therefore all of your body’s efforts move away from burning fat and go towards burning the alcohol.

Too much fat or too much sugar?
Believe it or not, there ARE healthy fats! That’s why sugar is worse: Sugar is proven to contribute to weight gain, and it sets your body up on a hamster wheel for weight loss.

Skipping cardio or skipping strength training?
Especially if you’re looking to burn fat, skipping strength training is worse. You need to build muscle in order to burn fat. Doing extra cardio will burn calories in the moment, but the second you hop off the treadmill, you’ll stop burning calories, which is the opposite of what happens when you’re doing strength training.

Too much coffee or too much chocolate?
Coffee stays in your system for hours, and contributes to anxiety disorders and even fatiguing the body over time. By training the body to depend on caffeine, you’re causing yourself to be unhealthy. Chocolate does have health benefits, and going overboard every now and then isn’t going to break your waistline.

An extra slice of pizza or an extra glass of wine?
This can be a tough one…it depends what’s on the pizza! Let me explain…

M & Ms or a Snickers bar (or any candy bar with nuts)?
M & Ms, or any candy with little or no protein, is worse than a Snickers Bar. At least that bar has protein in it, thanks to the nuts! If you’re in a pinch, yes, I am giving you permission to indulge in the Candy bar! Or better yet, try a Kind Bar with protein in it. It has ingredients you can see and pronounce, and will satisfy that chocolate craving.

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Healthy Lifestyle Tips for the New Year As Seen on CBS Chicago

Are you one of millions of people looking to make New Year’s Resolutions for 2016? Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour is here to share with us some ways to burn more fat in our workouts, make our protein smoothies healthier, and feel more confident in our skin:

For those looking to get into a healthy new year, how can people build on healthy habits that they already have?

Well First, we want to look at the goals that you’re setting.
– Start off small and make mini goals
– Break it down into 3 week chunks, one week chunks, and daily chunks

Already in a workout routine? Here are some ways to make your workouts even more effective:
– Keep your body guessing by doing the following:
– Skip the breaks in between!
– Add in cardio intervals
– Change up the time of day that you’re working out

My workout DVD is a great way to get fit in a short amount of time, and we focus on reducing breaks and rest periods through the high interval training. I also love fitness gadgets to help you track different things in your workout, such as steps, calories burned, or even intensity. You can get great fitness gadgets from Verizon Wireless. I go to the Verizon Wireless store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago for all of my fitness gadgets such as the Fit Bit.

Are you already using moisturizer on your face in these cold winter months?
– Step It Up and make sure you’re getting your whole body hydrated:
– Drink extra water (add lemon & mint for a flavorful blend)
– Moisturize your skin everytime you take a shower with lotion. I use cocoa butter and Vaseline has a new unscented lotion that’s clinically proven to heal dry skin in 5 days! Check it out.

Finally, do you already drink a protein smoothie for breakfast? Great job! Add an extra boost by adding in two handfuls of greens into the smoothie. You can barely taste a difference!

– Try a smoothie detox for a few days to jumpstart weight loss!

Ladies in my 21 Day Challenge share recipes of smoothies, so join!

Lose weight in 2016 and get Steph’s Free weight loss guide! (One of my clients lost over 80 lbs in just 12 weeks!)

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Healthy Habits Quiz: How to Enhance Your Healthy Habits in the New Year as Seen on Fox Chicago

Already in a healthy routine to start off 2016? Well Chicago’s best weight loss coach for women Stephanie Mansour stopped by Fox 32 Chicago to share with us ways to enhance your healthy habits in the New Year:

Here are some of the questions that Chicago’s best health & fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour had for Fox 32’s Corey McPherrin:

If you’re already in a workout routine, what’s going to help you burn more calories? Adding in more strength training, OR working out longer?

Adding in 15 minutes of strength training is more beneficial for weight loss than adding in 30 minutes of cardio to your workout. This is because strength training builds muscle which burns fat more quickly.

Next question: If you’re already drinking a protein smoothie for breakfast, what’s a low calorie way to get more nutrients? Adding in two servings of green veggies OR adding in Flax or Chia seeds?

Adding in two handfuls of greens, such as kale or spinach, is the best low-calorie option to getting more nutrients and vitamins into your smoothie. Flax seeds and Chia seeds are very healthy and have great health benefits too, but the greens have less calories.

Another question: If you’re already using a headset while you’re talking on the phone, what’s going to make you even healthier? Walking as you talk, or stretching?

As a top yoga instructor in Chicago, I know that many of the benefits of stretching come from using the breath to help open and release the muscles. Therefore, walking would be the better option here as you’re unable to breathe deeply while talking on the phone. Walking around will help the blood circulate, energize you, and even stretch the body in an active way.

Finally, here’s the last question: If you’re already trying unsuccessfully to get 7-8 hrs of sleep, what’s going to help you be more successful with sleep? Sitting near the window at the office, or establishing a nighttime routine?

Establishing a night time routine (for example, light a candle, read your favorite book, put on comfy slippers, wear soft pajamas, or even lather up with moisturizing body lotion (I love Vaseline’s intensive care advanced repair) will help slow you down and ease you into a more restful night of sleep. However, a new study shows that people who sit next to a window at the office sleep on average of 45 more minutes than those who don’t. So, this is a trick question, because the answer is BOTH!

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