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How to Curb Emotional Eating and Healthy Nut Snacks & Snacks in General As Seen on ABC Chicago

Chicago’s best health & wellness expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph stopped by ABC 7 Chicago to talk about how to curb emotional eating by stabilizing blood sugar levels. Steph talked about the importance of protein and shared some healthy snacks:

February 26th was National Pistachio Day!
In celebration of this nutty-licious holiday, Health & Wellness Expert Stephanie Mansour is here to share with us how stabilizing your blood sugar levels and getting enough protein (found in these nuts!) will help us curb emotional eating.

1. Why is stabilizing blood sugar levels key to help us curb emotional eating?
A lot of my clients (all women!) come to me and have issues with emotional eating. I can related! I used to be an emotional eating, and at times sometimes still find myself grabbing something unhealthy mindlessly and thus emotionally eating. But now, I’m able to stop myself in my tracks and ask, why am I craving this? That’s what I help a lot of my clients do. So if we can physically stabilize our blood sugar levels and reduce the physical food cravings, then we can tackle the emotional eating.

2. How many grams of protein should we be eating per day?
Women need at least 45 grams of protein per day, and I have some of my clients eating a lot more than this per day. Protein helps build muscle and also helps with weight loss. Men should be eating at least 55 grams of protein per day.

3. OK, so nuts are a good source of protein, right? Show us some of these unique ways that we can eat nuts:
– Make your own: Pistachios mixed with dried fruit – you can make your own trail mix at home. When you make a snack on your own, you know what ingredients are in them. But if this is too intense, you can buy pre-made nut bars. My favorite are Kind Bars because they have ingredients you can see and pronounce, and many of them have at least 7 grams of protein in them.

– Make your own: Nut butters. My mom makes the best almond butter! It must be her special mom touch! But you can make the nut butter on your own. Roast almonds in the oven on a cookie sheet at 350 degrees for about 8-10 minutes. This will help with the flavor. Then, put them into a cuisinart, and turn it on for another 5-10 minutes, until it becomes creamy. For an extra protein bonus, you can add in protein powder.

– Make your own smoothie with nut butter. If a smoothie is more your style, use the nut butter and mix it in with chocolate protein powder plus a cup of almond milk for a protein smoothie!

If you’re allergic to nuts or don’t like nuts, hummus is another great, quick snack. My dad makes hummus and it’s delicious. The best hummus I’ve found is Tribe Hummus because they make it in small batches and it tastes similar to my dad’s! On today’s show I have the Salsa Swirl hummus. You get a little bit of extra flavor in each bite. You can dip cut up veggies or a healthier chip into the hummus for a great snack.

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Quiet Cardio Moves to Get Your Heart Rate Up As Seen on HLN Morning Express with Robin Meade

Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour stopped by HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade to put Robin Meade through a 60 second quiet cardio workout! This quiet cardio 60 second workout is great to start your day or to repeat over and over to get a lean and sculpted body and lose weight! Join the best health & fitness expert Stephanie Mansour and follow along with this quick workout that’s simple and easy to follow:

How can you get in some cardio without waking the kids or neighbors? Try “quiet cardio” moves that will get your heart rate up – but not anyone sleeping nearby. These low impact cardio moves will help you sneak in a workout without anyone hearing you!

1. Side tap & punch
2. Side kick & punch OR Side tap & tootsie roll arms
3. March & Raised Arms / Cheerleader Move

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Dr. Oz 60 Second Workout: Full Body Workout in One Minute

Chicago’s best health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph showed Dr. Oz her signature 60 second workout! Check out Chicago’s best weight loss coach for women and Dr. Oz live in action:

As an on-camera health & fitness expert, Stephanie Mansour shows Dr. Oz a full body workout that can be done in one minute!

Lose weight in 2016 and get Steph’s Free weig guide! (One of my clients lost over 80 lbs in just 12 weeks!)

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Healthy Food Options for the Super Bowl As Seen on WGN Chicago

Health & Wellness Expert Stephanie Mansour is here to give us 5 unhealthy Super Bowl staples and transform them into healthier, low calorie options. Chicago’s best weight loss coach for women is here to give us healthy replacements for our Super Bowl favorites:

What if we are craving nachos? How can we make them healthier?
Instead of white chips doused in fatty meat, sour cream, and gobs of cheese, make them like this:
Load on veggies. Use corn tortilla chips. Go light on the cheese. Choose ground turkey meat instead of ground beef. Or use black beans.

I love the healthy sweet potato chips from Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen in Chicago.

Wings fan? What do we do?!
Instead of deep frying and eating all that unhealthy fat and grease, do this:
Bake the wings or grill the wings, and use herbs to season rather than sauces. I love the unfried buffalo chicken tenders from Lyfe Kitchen in Chicago.

You also say we can make dips healthier? How?
Dip-a-holic? Use greek yogurt instead of sour cream, or stick to bean dips (like hummus or homemade bean dips) instead of creamy white dips.
Use vegetables or healthier chips like PopChips as dipping agents.

What about a Super Bowl staple…pizza!
Love pizza?
Blot off grease and load on spinach or your favorite veggies.

What if we still want a burger or hot dog?
Go bun-less with the burgers and hotdogs. Use turkey burgers instead of regular burgers, skip the cheese, and add on some veggies!

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