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Weight Loss Workouts for Women: Stair Workout

Chicago fitness coach Stephanie Mansour teams up with Fox Chicago’s Jenny Milkowski demonstrate one of her weight loss workouts for women–a stair workout.

For this stair workout, you can go into a stairwell or go to stairs outside.

You can always workout somewhere else besides the gym. These exercises are meant to really keep your heart pumping, and are excellent for loosing weight and fat.

Remember to be safe while trying these weight loss workouts for women on a stairwell. As Jenny says, “don’t cause a traffic jam on them while working your booty!”

You will definitely feel you had a great and productive workout session after you complete these stair exercises.

We’ll show you how to get in a cardio workout on the stairs. We’ll also be showing you how to use the stairs for strength training exercises for your legs and strength training exercises for your butt.

Learn how to properly climb up the stairs and how to keep your knees injury-free while climbing stairs. Watch the clip below.

Stephanie Mansour is Chicago’s best fitness coach, who specializes in weight loss workouts for women. Steph is a corporate wellness speaker and a health and fitness expert in Chicago.

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Healthy Options for a Picnic As Seen on ABC Chicago

Well, if you’re looking for sustainable weight loss and healthy habits that last, all it takes is a little extra effort and mindfulness to still bring tasty treats that fuel us with energy instead of pack on the pounds. Chicago’s Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour is here to show us how:

Remember to bring some spray to stay clean! This hand spray is actually an all-natural hand sanitizer but unlike typical gel hand sanitizers, Touch is designed for use PRIOR to coming in contact with germs and bacteria, not after.

Protect your eyes while you’re outdoors! I’ve got some cool new sunglasses from Under Armour.

Next, make sure you pack some dishes in your picnic basket that will help with portion control! I love this brand called Kangavou. I like the compartments for portion sizing – why eat healthy if you’re going to put it onto plates full of chemicals? These are BPA and led free, and dishwasher safe.

Now, onto the foods to pack. Bring pre-cooked and marinaded meats! Here I have some grilled chicken with Wild Garden’s new Taste of the Mediterranean Quick Marinades:
-In just 10 minutes your proteins can be fully marinaded
-Marinades are all natural, quick and easy to use
– They’re available at Mariano’s and Jewel-Osco

If bringing a can of tuna is more your style, instead of making a sandwich you can put tuna on healthy crackers and add a little bit of mustard. They’re the perfect bite-size protein-packed entree option. I brought Safe Catch Tuna – they’re ELITE Tuna. It can be eaten everyday by pregnant women, kids and babies because it’s 4X lower in mercury than competitors on the market.

For dessert, instead of fattening cookies or candies, let’s make it a little healthier. Here I have these Made In Nature Dried Fruit & Nuts. They’re All organic, non-gmo, the dried fruit is unsulfured, and don’t use any refined sugar. They’re portable, don’t need to be refrigerated, and don’t need to be prepped. I’ve also got chocolates from a local chocolate company in Old Town, Chicago, “”Cocoa and Company.” I’m featuring their Dark Chocolate Turtles (dark salted caramel and toasted pecans drizzled with bittersweet chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt) and Mini Bark Boxes (roasted peanut and toffee milk chocolate bark.)

Finally, let’s talk about the cocktails! Pack smaller wine cups and use half sparkling water, half wine to make a wine spritzer. Also, makes sure to have plenty of bottled water on hand! (The Voss water and Lemonesse are shown.)

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Stephanie Mansour is Chicago’s best health & fitness expert and weight loss coach for women in Chicago. She also is weight loss coach for executive women everywhere who are on the go.

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Fitness Coach Tips: 60 Seconds to Looking Taller, Leaner and More Confident

Do you ever feel like you’re shrinking? Are you hunching over and self-conscious about your bad posture? Check out these stretches and exercises to improve your posture and make you taller, leaner, and feel more confident as demonstrated by fitness coach Stephanie Mansour and Fox Chicago’s Jenny Milkowski:

There has been a time you in your life you wish you were just taller, like that time you tried reaching for something you wanted!

I am with Jenny Milkowski at Fox 32 Chicago to talk about looking taller by doing some stretches. Jenny and I will perform a number of stretches for you that could actually make you grow a little bit in height, look leaner, and appear more confident.

Doing these stretches will also improve your posture and prevent you from slouching over. So if you have noticed yourself not having the best posture, try out these exercises for yourself so you can stand the way you want to.

In my work as a fitness coach, I advise my clients to practice doing these stretches, and their posture and confidence improves in no time.

Watch the clip below to check out these stretches.

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Steph is also a corporate fitness expert and a corporate wellness expert. As a health and fitness expert for companies and private clients, Steph is available in Chicago and all over the country as a health and fitness speaker and weight loss coach.

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Summer Swaps to Sweat Less with Weight Loss As Seen on WINK TV

If weight loss is on your mind, listen up: With the temps on the rise, our Weight Loss Coach and Health Expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph is here! She’s sharing with us summer swaps so you don’t have to sweat, literally, about your weight loss goals:

Steph, you’re telling us not to sweat weight loss mentally, but also that we don’t have to sweat physically? What do you mean?

Well, first, let’s not sweat the small stuff. IF you have a bite here and there of something unhealthy, move on, and get over it!

But, if you’re going for ice cream or a smoothie every afternoon outside, let’s make it a fat burning snack filled with protein. Add in some protein powder. My favorite is Vega Protein. You can add in this chocolate flavor into your chocolate milk everyday!

Next, if you don’t want to sweat for a workout, take a 60 second stretch break. Ready? Here, do these neck stretches with me. Just get your body moving so that you remember what it feels like to exercise and stretch.

Next, start with baby steps. Focus on eating more protein and setting an alarm on your phone to eat every few hours. This is what I do with my private weight loss clients to make sure they’re speeding up their metabolism and eating every few hours.

Finally, put a lock on your junk food cabinet so you actively have to open it if you want a late night snack.

A lot of these tricks have worked with my private weight loss clients, and the ladies in my Free 21 Day Challenge, where you can lose up to 16 lbs in just 3 weeks! As the top weight loss coach for women and a health and fitness speaker for corporations, I can break it all down for you so that weight loss is simple, easy, and effective!

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