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Weight Loss Help: What to Do When Allergies and Inflammation Slow You Down

Are you unsure of whether that tickle in your throat of your runny nose is the sign of a sickness or just allergies? And what should you do to reduce suffering from summer allergies? Well here today to help us out is Health & Wellness Expert Stephanie Mansour:

Are you confused about whether or not it’s an allergy or a sickness? I actually found an easy way for you to tell if you’re sick or if it’s allergies. There’s a new app by One Medical that can put you in touch with a doctor right away to answer your questions.

They have 3 offices in Chicago and 95% of their appointments start on time or early, but if you can’t make it in, use their app!

Also, you can become a member today at
Enter promo code: STEPH and you’ll get 3-months for free!

So once you’ve figured out that you have an allergy, I’ve got some great remedies for you:

Itchy Eyes: eyedrops

Runny Nose/Stuffed Up: Irrigation – netty pot, shower with Eucalyptis oil, face over bowl with towel

Cough: Tea (antioxidant properties that inhibit allergic reactions) or apple cider vinegar + honey + water

Dust mask, air filter, take off clothes when get inside from being outside, and keep air conditioning cool inside!

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Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 3.25.49 PM

Weight Loss Workouts for Women: How to Do Lunges

Chicago fitness and weight loss coach Stephanie Mansour teams up with Jenny Milk to demonstrate one of her top weight loss workouts for women–how to do lunges.

When you’re doing lunges, proper form is important to avoid injury and to be most effective. Lunges are great for strength changing, and they work your quads, glutes, hips, calves, and even your ankles.

Learn how to do 3 lunges: forward lunge, side lunge, back lunge

For more weight loss workouts for women, check out the Step it Up with Steph Signature Slimdown DVD.

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weight loss workouts for women how to do lunges

Heath & Fitness Coach Tips: Evening Workout Routine

Chicago fitness coach Stephanie Mansour shares tips on incorporating an evening workout routine into your lifestyle.

fitness coach tips evening workout

An evening walk is a great way to create healthy habits, but you can reach your fitness goals even faster and burn more fat by adding these tips to your after-dinner routine.

When women hire me as their fitness coach in my private weight loss programs, I always tell them that in addition to intense workouts and sessions at the gym, it’s important to stay moving throughout the day.

Working out in the evening helps with digestion and also helps you relieve stress, which is also important for weight loss.

Watch the video for more health & fitness coach tips:


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Fitness Coach Tips: How to Stretch Your Back

Chicago fitness coach & health coach Stephanie Mansour teams up with Jenny Milk to demonstrate how to stretch your back with a beach towel.

When you are working out to lose weight and get fit, it’s important to be safe and take good care of your body. Stretching not only feels good, but it’s also something you never want to skip.

This video includes 3 back stretches: overhead stretch, behind the back stretch, armpit stretch

For more fitness tips and weight loss workouts for women, check out the Step it Up With Steph Signature Slimdown DVD.
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how to stretch your back

Weight Loss Help: Personal Training for Women vs. Men

Chicago weight loss coach for women Stephanie Mansour helps women lose weight fast and make it last.

Equinox’s best personal trainer Dennis Rittenhouse joins Steph to talk about the difference he sees in his female clients compared to his male clients:

Do you feel too “manly” in your workouts? Or do you wonder why certain exercises make you bulky instead of toned?

Up next in our “Step It Up with Steph” web series is my interview with personal trainer Dennis Rittenhouse from Equinox!

Dennis actually has trained me, and I LOVE his training style. I’ve seen him with various clients who have diverse body shapes and sizes — both women and men.

He also trains himself and gets a different body composition based on the season and what he wants for himself.

In my interview with Dennis, we talked about the difference between men’s and women’s goals. I specialize in helping women make changes to their body that last, and get that sleek and toned look. Men typically want a different physique, and typically have a different approach to their weight loss and fitness goals.

How are men’s fitness goals different from women’s fitness goals? How can you reach your fitness goals, and what do women need to do to lose weight differently than how men need to lose weight?

Watch how Dennis Rittenhouse from Equinox shows Stephanie how he adjusts his personal training workouts for men compared to women!

What are your workout goals? Tell me in the comments below.


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Chicago Fitness Coach: Core Workout & Ab Workout

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 1.26.58 PM

Chicago fitness coach for women Stephanie Mansour demonstrates three ab exercises to give you a full core workout. 

“No, we are not praying today, although some of you probably should be. We are doing planks!”

I know you are looking for ways to get toned abs that are perfect for the beach, so you have come to the right place! The core workouts I am presenting here with Jenny Milkowski will do just that and will make you gain muscle!

Strengthening your core and abs through these workouts will improve your physical daily life more than you think. Having strong core muscles will greatly aid you in doing common physical activities. Whether it be bending down to tie a shoe or getting into a car, your core muscles are being worked in these activities. If you have weak core muscles, you are susceptible to having muscle injuries, lower back pain and weak posture through everyday physical activity.

As a fitness coach, I teach my clients how doing core exercises can improve your balance and stability. This is so because the exercises train your pelvis, lower back and abs to work together, which helps your posture.

If you are looking to strengthen also your chest, arms and upper back, look no further. We will present a plank you can easily do that will do just that (and will even improve your eye-hand coordination). For more advanced “planking,” we will do a flying plank and planks with incorporated push-ups. We will also add some fitness coach planks you have never seen before into the mix.

Watch the clip to see for yourself:

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Weight Loss Workouts for Women: Tire Workout Routine

Chicago fitness coach Stephanie Mansour teams up with Jenny Milk to demonstrate one of the best weight loss workouts for women — a tire workout routine.

weight loss workouts for women tire routine

Working out at the gym can get boring if you let it. The trick to staying on track is to switch it up and make it fun. Challenge yourself with new ways to get your body moving.

As a fitness coach, I always advise my private weight loss program clients that adding variety with high-intensity intervals is key. It tricks your body so you don’t get too comfortable with the same level of effort and boosts your fat burning.

Check out this cardio tire workout routine for more tips:

Get the Step it Up With Steph Signature Slimdown Workout DVD for more fat-burning weight loss workouts for women.

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Step It Up with Steph: How to Make Healthy Cocktails at Beatrix Chicago

Chicago’s best health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour learned how to make healthy cocktails at Beatrix Chicago in Streeterville!

Watch as the bartender and general manager talk to Steph about how to make healthy cocktails and what ingredients to use for great flavor.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.52.15 PM

This week’s webisode is about healthy cocktails. My motto is everything in moderation. If you hate chocolate, and I tell you you can’t have chocolate cake, you’re going to want it!

It’s basic psychology. So if I tell my clients they cannot consume alcohol for the duration of our program or for the rest of their lives, I’d hedge a bet that they wouldn’t be too successful! (Heck, I wouldn’t be!)

We want to do things because they make us feel good; not just because we’re following some rule set by someone else.

Therefore, making cocktails in a healthy way is a great way to stick to “everything in moderation”.

I visited the general manager of Beatrix in Streeterville in downtown Chicago to have him give us some tips on which ingredients to use, and then watched the bartender whip them up quickly. Take a look.

How to Make Healthy Cocktails:

Have any questions about the alcohol that you’re consuming? How healthy is it? Let us know in the comments below.



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Weight Loss Workouts for Women: Eliminate Muffin Top

Chicago weight loss coach Stephanie Mansour teams up with Jenny Milk to demonstrate a workout for the obliques and abs that helps eliminate the muffin top.

The best weight loss workouts for women include exercises that isolate and work particular muscles.

Holding onto excess weight around the middle is unhealthy, because it usually indicates that you have fat around major organs.

As a weight loss coach, my clients often complain that extra pudginess around the midsection, sides and back can also make your clothes uncomfortable and negatively impact your confidence.

When you want to fit comfortably into your favorite jeans, dress, or bikini, getting rid of what’s commonly called a “muffin top” can be challenging. You will have to do cardio and modify your eating to lose excess fat, but toning exercises can help you slim down and tighten up problem areas.

Check out one of the best weight loss workouts for women — the muffin top workout.

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Healthy BBQ Swaps and Healthy Dishes for a BBQ As Seen on Fox Good Day New York Street Talk

Chicago’s best health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour stopped by Fox New York’s Good Day Street Talk morning show with Antwan Lewis to talk about healthy BBQ foods for the summer:

Fox New York

Summer is in full swing and some argue that it’s the most challenging time of the year (besides the holidays) to lose weight! That’s not the case for my clients, though. You see, you can still be committed to your health & fitness goals while enjoying life!

And if you can’t enjoy life, then what’s the point of trying to reach your goals?!

I stopped by Fox New York recently to discuss healthier alternatives to our summer BBQ favorites. More on that below.

But first…

Summer isn’t a free pass to eat tons of cold ice cream, beverages, or brats and avoid any consequences that come with it (such as weight gain, feeling bloated, or sabotaging your goals.) But it’s the mindset that so many of us have that gets us into trouble. We don’t have to be rigid, or strict, or deprive ourselves.

Rather, when we change how we view food, drinks, and even summertime, we’re able to take actionable steps towards our goals in an empowered way.

You don’t need a “free pass” to eat junk; you can do that whenever you want! You don’t need to restrict calories or go on an intense diet this summer; but you can if you want!

I want to remind each and every one of us that it all starts with how you’re thinking and what’s in your head.

For myself, once I made the switch in my mind from “I can’t have that ice cream” to “I can have all the ice cream I want, but it doesn’t make me feel good and it doesn’t help me reach my goals, so I am CHOOSING to not have it” that’s when I started losing weight and keeping it off.

For my private weight loss coaching clients, it’s important to me that they don’t feel restricted or deprived.

Sometimes losing weight can be challenging, but a lot of goals have obstacles and bumps along the way.

However, weight loss must start with an emotional and mental commitment to wanting to feel and look good for ourselves, and do what’s best for ourselves. That’s how making healthier choices, and opting for a second glass of water instead of a second glass of wine starts to become part of our daily lives.

Here’s the TV segment with a few healthy swaps to get you going for the weekend!

Here are a few tips to enjoying a healthy summer cookout:

You want to stay hydrated. Cut out the soda! And if regular water is boring and you want a soda replacement, try sparkling water. I love La Croix as an alternative to sodas, and they’ve got great refreshing flavors. Try different flavors of sparkling water & fresh lemon

Skip dip for veggies . Most dips are fattening and usually void of nutrients. Try Wild Garden’s Taste of the Mediterranean Marinades that can marinade cooked veggies in 10 minutes!

Ditch regular old chips & dip… For the same reason as above. Try healthy PopChips, with half the fat of regular chips. Make your own simple Greek yogurt dip with fresh herbs, such as dill.

Choose healthy sides.  Many sides contain lots of fillers and high fructose corn syrup, which can contribute to weight gain. Instead, try Wild Garden’s Taste of the Mediterranean Pilafs the Rice and Lentils. Just microwave the bag and eat! They’re easily transportable, and you’ll get lentils and grains for added protein! Another good choice is a simple avocado, bean, and tomato salad, a colorful combo rich in healthy fats–no way you’ll feel deprived when you’re munching on this tasty treat.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy a healthy summer BBQ? Let me know in the comments below!

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