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Athleisure Fashion & Workout Clothes for Every Workout (As Seen on Fox Chicago)

Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour stopped by Chicago’s local Fox TV station to talk about how to get motivated to work out even when you don’t feel like it! As a private weight loss coach for women, Steph knows the importance of feeling good about yourself before even stepping foot into a gym. Check out this video for ideas on what types of workout clothes are best for your workout:

Our first model is wearing a look that’s great for Yoga & Pilates. For each of these, you want a layer underneath that won’t roll up when you’re in downward facing dog or going upside down. You also want slip-on shoes so you can slide them off easily and just walk barefoot into the studio.

Our second model is a guy! I’ve got a guy’s look to show you because men workout too! This look is great for cycling and spin classes as well as high intensity interval classes. The pants are stylish but still comfortable and allow for movement, and the running shoes that tie up are perfect for a long run or a cross training workout.

Our third model is this adorable young lady. We can’t forget teens! This model is wearing a great look that she can wear to school and then to after school activities, or on the weekend to run errands and then go to a play date with friends.

Finally, my look is a versatile one. I LOVE going from a workout to brunch with friends. The black pants are slimming, and I can throw on boots or booties to dress it up!

Our private wellness programs for women focus on weight loss and incorporate personal training, yoga, Pilates, and body image coaching. Steph is the best weight loss coach for women because of her holistic approach. She also has a doctor-approved diet program just for women who want to lose weight quickly and safely. Steph has been called the best personal trainer in Chicago, and works with women all over the country in her private weight loss programs.

As a wellness consultant, Steph is an on-air Health & Fitness Expert as well as a corporate wellness speaker for many companies. She loves going on TV to share her passion for health, fitness, and weight loss.

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How to Make Your Weight Loss Goals Happen (As Seen on

Chicago’s best weight loss coach for women is also a Today Show online contributor! In her latest article, Steph talks about three ways to make sure your New Year’s Resolutions stick.

You can read the article HERE.

In this article, professional life coach and wellness expert Stephanie Mansour talks about three of the things her private weight loss programs work on with her clients.

Her weight loss programs for women include much more than these three items, but these three are key to get in the right mindset in order to lose weight. If you have had a hard time losing weight, or have had a hard time reaching your goals, check out the article!

The best way to lose weight is to focus on it throughout the day and to make slow but steady changes to your lifestyle. Steph’s private weight loss programs for women have helped women in Chicago and beyond lose weight fast and most importantly, keep it off.

If you are looking for a wellness coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor, or Pilates instructor, you’ve found the best personal trainer in Chicago and beyond!

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Fast Dinner Prep Hacks & Ways to Be More Efficient with Meal Prep (As Seen on ABC Chicago)

Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour gives us shortcuts  to prep and organize meals faster for the new year!


Shop ‘Til You Drop
Creating a grocery list is the first step toward smart meal prep. Look at your calendar for the upcoming week and see what events and activities you have going on during meals. Are you going out to restaurants for dinner or do you have work lunches? If you’ll be eating out, you don’t need to write down those meals on your grocery list.

Buy in Bulk
The next step is to buy items in bulk. If you’re like many of the successful women in my private weight loss programs, you may travel for work or have a hectic schedule. Therefore, buying fresh produce may cause you to waste a lot of food. Frozen vegetables are just as healthy as fresh vegetables, so buy some bags of frozen vegetables. You can also buy frozen or raw chicken and fish and other proteins. You’ll want to buy snacks to  help with weight loss and to help with stabilizing your blood sugar levels.

View Food as Fuel
If you love pasta, for example, buy it! I love Dreamfields Pasta because it has 5 grams of fiber per serving plus 7 grams of protein. It’s an easy way to eat a healthier version of your favorite food. You can find it as the little black box in the grocery store. The pasta and other items like fresh vegetables may need to be cooked on the day of (instead of in bulk), but it’ll only take you 10 or 15 minutes to do this.

Workout Hack While Cooking
As you’re in the kitchen, remember that you can always get in a workout. In fact, I created some workout videos to kick off Dreamfields annual #HealthyHacks program. Do calf raises while standing at the stove, squats before you put away groceries, and more. Try to make the best use of your time during meal prep.

Divide & Conquer
Up next, divide your food into separate containers for portion control. Having a hard time with portion control? Get containers like I demonstrate in the video and use a fist-size serving of protein plus a ton of vegetables for your meals.
This has helped many of my private weight loss clients stay organized for the week ahead. They swear by using these containers to keep on track with their portions and meals!

Savor the Flavor
How can you make healthy meals taste better? Use seasonings and fresh herbs, like mint or thyme or cilantro, to give a fresh twist on basic proteins and veggies.

Snack Attack
Finally, on any eating or diet plan, it’s never good to be hungry. So what should you do if you’re hungry and on a diet? Eat snacks! These pre-portioned snacks are great. What are some examples of snacks? Two tablespoons of almond butter is one serving, and pair that with a piece of fruit like a banana. Or, put a handful of raspberries in a Ziploc container and then bring a protein bar with it.

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As a wellness coach for women, and as a weight loss coach for women in Chicago and across the country, I know how challenging it can be to eat healthy and lose weight. I work with successful women everyday as Chicago’s best weight loss coach for women. If you’re looking for a weight loss program for women in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Safely Lose 20 lbs by Memorial Day (As Seen on The Jam)

If you’ve made a commitment to weight loss or health in 2018, you’re not alone! Dreaming of your swimsuit body already? Fitness and Nutrition Expert Stephanie Mansour dropped by The Jam to show you how to lose 20 lbs by summer.

Check out my Four Pillars of Holistic Health to stay in the zone and motivated to keep your New Year’s resolutions!

Pillar 1: Nutrition
Pick a nutrition plan that works for you. You can be on a vegan or paleo diet or the Atkin’s or a low FODMAP diet—it doesn’t matter! I know, as a Weight Loss Coach, that the most important thing is to get in tune with the science of your own body!

The goal is to lose 1-2 pounds per week, so the most important thing you can pay attention to (no matter your diet) is regulating your blood sugar. Be sure to eat a protein with a fruit or veggie every few hours to keep sugar and carb cravings down.

Pillar 2: Emotional Health
Maybe you had a great day and stuck to your diet and hit your caloric intake! Hurrah! But then you find yourself bored and alone at home on the couch. What do you do? You start eating!

If you find yourself eating out of boredom, stress, sadness or any other emotional reason, then write down what you’re feeling in a notebook. Once you are in tune with your emotions and understand what is causing you to eat, you will be able to cut back on the excess. Knowledge is power!

Pillar 3: Reward yourself
Treat yourself to things that support your health and fitness. When you reward yourself with something like a new pair of workout shoes for trail running or a stylish tote, like this trendy bag from Holly and Tanager, that you can take straight from work to the gym, you’ll feel really good about continuing to exercise and eat right.

Pillar 4: Physical Health
Keep your fitness routine fun and fresh. If you’re bored at the gym or your strength training circuit no longer gives you the results you want, try something new.

My free 21-day challenge offers full workouts, and I have my Step it Up With Steph DVD with tons of various cardio and strength exercises you can try!

Beat the winter blues with the new KINOMAP! This awesome app digitally transports you to sunny and beautiful landscapes around the world with over 70,000 miles of trails for cyclists, runners, or rowers!

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5 Ways to Get a Jump Start on Your NY Resolutions (As Seen on Fox 32)

The New Year is the perfect time to take a moment to analyze what’s going right in your life! Health and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour dropped by Fox 32 to share how getting mentally prepared before setting resolutions sets you up for success all year long.

As a Weight Loss Coach, I know that a confidence boost is the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. Whether your goal is weight loss or toned arms, it all starts with a commitment to yourself—so make sure YOU know what YOU really want!

Here are five steps that help you get clear on what you want in 2018.

Step 1: Take Advantage of More Time on Your Hands
During a holiday break from work, we have more space to reflect on ourselves. Take a personal inventory of how you’ve been feeling lately.

Tune into those feelings. Pay attention and listen. What is your inner dialogue and self-talk? Is it “I feel disgusting. None of my clothes fit.”? Well maybe a weight loss resolution is right for you!

Once you know how you feel know, you can determine how you’d rather feel in the future! Use that as your true north when writing resolutions.

Step 2: Assess Your Daily Routine
How do you feel when you pick out clothes in the morning or do your makeup? Does it excite you or does it make you feel worse about yourself?

Consider the areas of life you beat yourself up about and write them down on a piece of paper.

Step 3: What Do You See?
Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? If there is something you don’t like, then slow down and write it on that piece of paper we talked about above! Get specific.

Many clients in my weight loss programs for women share that they don’t like their “flabby arms, spare tire, muffin top, or double chin.”

Step 4: Re-imagine Whatever You Don’t Like
Use all the things you don’t like as motivation for your New Year’s resolutions! Imagine if everything was different! What would that look like to you? Write down the words that come to mind.

Turn “muffin top” into “tight tummy” for example!  It’s important to name something positive that you can hold in your mind rather than continuing to think only of the negative.

Step 5: Act Like You’ve Already Achieved Your Goal
Write down a new, beautiful, and confident vision for yourself. Write down how you’re going to feel when you look in the mirror and what you’re going to look like even if it’s six months down the road.

Then, act like it’s true NOW. This is going to help you stick to your vision and your resolutions. Ready to silence the negative self-talk and take back control of your life? Try my 30 Day Confidence Workbook!

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Healthy Hacks to Get Fit in the Kitchen with Dreamfields Pasta

As a health & fitness expert, my goal is to make getting in shape and exercising more fun. Part of that is finding ways to incorporate exercise in your daily activities! So I teamed up with Dreamfields Pasta to create some exercise videos that you can do when you’re coming home from the grocery store and in the kitchen!

 Bicep Curls

Overhead Presses

Counter Push-Ups

Calf Raises

Kitchen Squats

Side Curls


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The Best Supplements, Foods, and the #1 Yoga Move to Cure a Hangover

Health and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour swung by ABC Chicago to share easy hangover tips and tricks to get you back on your feet after a night of cocktails.

Click to Watch Hangover Cures As Seen on ABC Chicago!

Even if you don’t drink a lot, sometimes just one glass of bad wine can leave you nauseated come morning! If you’ve been following a weight loss program, your tolerance for alcohol has probably gone down too, leaving you more susceptible to hangovers.

Here’s exactly what you can do the morning after a party to cure a hangover and feel better fast!

Hydrate Up
Step up your hydration game and chug some coconut water or watermelon juice. Drink little sips of water consistently—up to one liter per hour to properly rehydrate your body.

Avoid sugary sports drinks and don’t give into the temptation of coffee! Coffee is a diuretic and actually increases dehydration.

Soothe Nausea
If you’re really nauseated and need to take some OTC medication, go for it. Here are some easy, natural options as well:

Peppermint Altoids: Peppermint soothes and settles the stomach.

Ginger Chews: Ginger is amazing! It cures indigestion and reduces nausea.

(Pro Tip: Try grating some fresh ginger into a cup of mint tea as well!)

Green Tea with Mint: Soothing, comforting, and hydrating! Drink the tea but also inhale the aroma deeply for an added therapeutic benefit.

Eat Right
Your body is depleted of potassium and your liver is working overtime to process the alcohol from the night before. Restore vital nutrients and boost liver functioning by getting plenty of green leafy vegetables like my favorite—arugula! Hate eating veggies? Drink a green juice instead!

Bananas with oatmeal or some eggs and toast are easily digestible and full of the vitamins and amino acids your body needs to cure a hangover and recover from a night of drinking.

Sweat it Out
If going to the gym sounds like way too much effort, then here is a less intense option! This yoga move is a great trick to ease hangover symptoms.

The Forward Fold: Stand up slowly and bed at your waise as you fold forward. Let your head dangle and your chin reach your chest. Hold on to opposite elbows and just dangle and breathe for at least 60 seconds. Sway gently from side to side to massage your internal organs and keep things flowing (this helps them detox after a long night!). This yoga pose releases tension in the neck and head, it helps regulate blood pressure, and can soothe a headache.

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5 Ways to Fool Proof Your New Year’s Resolutions (As Seen on WGN)

Health and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour dropped by WGN to share her top New Year’s tips for keeping your weight loss resolutions. Learn five easy ways to fool proof your New Year’s resolutions to lose the weight and make it last!

As a Weight Loss Coach, this is my busiest time of year and definitely my favorite! You’re feeling fired up and I’m here to help. Let me show you how to fool proof your New Year resolutions so you can lose weight and feel great all year long.

1. Make your goals smaller
Take a realistic look at your New Year resolutions. Most women set too lofty of goals and in doing so actually set themselves up to fail.

Are you trying to defy the norm and lose more than the average 1-2 pounds per week? Don’t do it! Unless you have the accountability and support from a weight loss program and a coach, it’s impossible to lose 20 pounds in a month.

So instead, create small action steps that you can accomplish over time to achieve your big weight loss goal!

2. Leave room for error
Don’t go into the New Year with an all or nothing mentality. Mistakes happen. Life happens! Leave a little wiggle room for the unexpected party or the extra crazy work week that throws off your health and fitness schedule.

When you get thrown off track simply take a breath, adjust your plan and pick the next healthiest option available to you!

The private clients in my weight loss programs for woman learn that doing damage control and adjusting their goals on a weekly basis supports their health and weight loss goals much better than throwing in the towel for the week on healthy eating and thinking they can just “start over” next week.

3. Reward yourself
With New Year’s Resolutions it’s best to stop treating yourself like an adult! That’s right, treat yourself like a child and you will go far.

In your career and with your family, you act lik an adult and you meet the goals you have in those arenas. With weight loss and health, things work a bit differently. Buy yourself some stickers and put a sticker on your calendar every time you go to the gym or attend that yoga class you committed to!

Reward yourself with new workout clothes or treat yourself to a more expensive salad than you normally eat at lunch.

4. Tell everyone about your goals
Write a list of the names of people you can call and share your weight loss and fitness goals with. Don’t keep your resolutions quiet!

Accountability and support is crucial as you form new healthy lifestyle habits. Social media can be huge. If you follow my free 21-day challenge, we will personally respond to you and you can connect with other women on the same journey as you!

5. No results? Change it up
There are so many diet plans and workout programs out there. If your plan isn’t getting you the results you want, you might have the wrong plan!

Give yourself permission to adjust your original New Year’s resolutions and take a new direction that could better support your weight loss goals.

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3 Ways to a New You This New Year! (As seen on HLN)

Health and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour delivers strategies to make your New Year’s resolutions for weight loss a success! Steph chatted with HLN to share lifestyle tips that help reality check your resolutions and show you how to foster a positive, happy YOU in the New Year.

It’s easy to feel motivated and in charge heading into the New Year! Want to keep the momentum going and make your big goals a reality?

Then, take a look at my top three New Year’s resolutions tips that I share with all my private weight loss clients.

Success is all about realistic and attainable goals. Find out how to stay motivated all year long and make 2018 your best year of health and fitness yet!

Reality Check Your Resolutions
A super common New Year’s resolution is to lose 20+ pounds. But how long do you think that should take? The average woman can only lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Unless you have the help and accountability of a weight loss coach, this is the norm. In other words, it’s nearly impossible to lose 20 pounds in one month, so instead go week by week and break your big goal down into smaller and more attainable chunks.

Make Your Goals Reality
Invest in a simple calendar where you can track weekly goals. As a weight loss coach, I recommend scheduling three days a week to exercise.

It’s also crucial to set aside one day a week to meal plan and prep.

Then, take a look at your entire week and scale back your expectations in case there is an unexpected party or work commitment that makes it impossible to meet your goals.

When you stay flexible with your schedule but committed to making healthy choices, you will steer clear of the vicious cycle of guilt that many women enter when they don’t live up to their fitness expectations.

Remember, it’s all about learning to view your choices as either healthy or unhealthy. When you make an unhealthy choice, don’t beat yourself up about it…just get back on track with the next choice you make!

Reward Yourself
When you’ve done something positive for your body and your health, then treat yourself! (But not with sugary or high calorie foods!). Treat yourself to a new sports bra, favorite perfume, or indulge in a facial, a night out at the movies, or new exotic fruit for your morning smoothie.

Whatever motivates you, use that as your reward!

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2018 New Year’s Resolution Tips for Your Mind, Body, and Wallet (As Seen on the Today Show)

Chicago weight loss coach, Stephanie Mansour, stopped by NBC studios in New York to share one small thing you can do to make a big difference in staying committed to your New Year’s resolutions for good.

As a weight loss coach, the clients in my private weight loss programs for women often ask me for advice on how to set New Year’s resolutions that stick. My answer is simple but powerful:  You must be willing to make a commitment to yourself.

One decision after another has to be guided by that commitment. Each habit you instill has to be shaped by that commitment. And any time you slip up or go astray, all you have to do is get re-centered and return to that commitment.

Here’s an easy way to get started:

When you wake up each morning, use this exercise to set the mood for your day. Saying positive affirmations along with breathing and movement helps you get centered and focused. Start by reaching your arms up and stretching as you say “I am,” and then place your palms together in front of you, at the center of your body and say “committed to myself.”

Watch the video and get more tips from lifestyle experts, such as Bob Harper, Shaun T, life coach Shirin Eskandani, nutritionist Joy Bauer and more.

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