3 Healthy Snack Hacks for the Workplace (As Seen on The Jam)

Whether you’re stuck in a cubicle or carting your kids around all day, snacks can sabotage your health goals! That’s why The Jam brought in Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour to give some healthy snack hacks for the desk or on the go.

The workplace is full of temptations! From vending machines to homemade treats that your coworkers bring in, it’s easy to snack in all the wrong ways. When you’re grinding through, it’s so important to keep healthy snacks on hand so you don’t binge on sugary and carbo-loaded snacks.

Check out these three ways to snack better and eliminate the midday crash.

An Apple Isn’t Enough
As a weight loss coach, I’ve learned that most people think eating a piece of fruit is enough to count as a healthy and satisfying snack. It’s not.

Remember this golden rule of snacking that I always tell my clients in my weight loss programs for women—Always pair your fruit with a protein.

Think almonds, walnuts, peanuts or a nut butter. Protein takes longer to digest so it keeps you sated longer.

Pre-Pack Dips so You Don’t Overeat
Hummus with your favorite veggies is a great workplace snack. However, dips will break your caloric bank if you overeat!

Portion out two tablespoons of hummus into individual snack containers before work and serve up a couple of full servings of different veggies in baggies to take with you. Carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, sugar snap peas and okra are great with hummus!

Not All Protein Bars are Created Equal
You want a protein bar with at least 10 grams of protein in it. For example, it’s common that some bars only offer about 3 grams of protein per serving but if you snack on a Vega One Bar you get 12 grams of protein. Always check the nutritional label!

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