4th of July Freedom: How to Freely say “NO” to Food In Social Situations (As Seen on Fox Chicago)

Fourth of July can be fun but filling! There will be plenty of good foods and tasty temptations this week, but, luckily, it can be simple to gain freedom from obligations and the pressure to fill and finish your plate. I stopped by Fox to talk about setting boundaries and taking our diets into our own hands.


1. Be Honest

The Fourth of July is a day where you are surrounded by your friends, family, and loved ones. Tell them you are on a healthy eating program and do what feels best for you and your body. Ask them to respect your decision.

They care about your health and will support you. Just because you are eating healthier doesn’t mean you are missing out on the party! In fact, you will feel more energized by the nutritious food and your own willpower!

As a private weight loss coach, part of my commitment to my clients is to give them the confidence to make responsible and healthy decisions. One of my clients recently brought a head of lettuce to a party as a substitute for a burger bun. Her friends didn’t even question it because she communicated her goals to them. She took control of her diet and thanked herself for it!

2. Set limits

You can also choose to have your diet be a private mission. If you are reluctant to share your eating habits and diet with others, another solution is to create a story for yourself. This is going to be a story that you can follow and one that will support your eating if people begin to pester you.

You can tell people that your stomach is feeling a little off or, if you’re at a bar, you can say that you’re going to ease into your drinks.

Just be honest with yourself so that other people understand your decisions and don’t question your decisions.

3. Prepare in advance

Think ahead so that you can set yourself up for success! Don’t show up to an event starving because the food and drinks will be very tempting! Have a bite to eat before you arrive so that you are in full control.

This way you can enjoy the food and engage socially without overindulging. Eating beforehand can also be a great opportunity to get the nutrition that may not be provided at the event.

I had another client that was eating junk food in the late afternoon. She prepared herself for the day and started eating proteins in the morning and midday. Very soon, she was able to abandon those cravings for junk food that she had just one week ago! Planning ahead can make all the difference.

4. Leave room for flexibility

Further, even if you are on a strict eating plan, something looks good, and you want to taste it, taste it! Just don’t overdo it.

During my time spent bettering weight loss programs for women, I’ve learned that judgment can quickly and unfortunately come into play. As you can imagine and have probably experienced, it can be difficult to hold ourselves accountable with so many temptations. Be easy on yourself while being thoughtful. Understand that having a bite of an unhealthy food does not depreciate the value of all your hard work thus far, but monitor how often you are having these unhealthy bites.

You want to remain healthy while still enjoying yourself. And you can!

5. Do what makes YOU happy

Finally, have fun! The Fourth of July is a great holiday that is meant to be enjoyed! You will be surrounded by so many good foods so eat them! Don’t punish yourself later for your mistakes. Just be ready to hop back on the next day.

Any eating plan you have does not follow an all-or-nothing mentality. Don’t be hard on yourself. The negative emotions you feel after eating unhealthy foods can be even worse for you than the food you ate. Try to take control of your eating so that you can enjoy the holiday even more!

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