5 Common Workout Mistakes and How To Fix Them (As Seen on ABC 7 Chicago)

We’re well into January, gyms are crowded, and everyone is pursuing their New Year’s Resolutions full steam ahead! Now how do you keep the ball rolling and avoid burning yourself out? Health and Fitness Expert and Women’s Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour joined ABC 7 News to go over five common workout mistakes and how to avoid them.

The last thing you want when you’re going hard and feeling dedicated towards your weight loss goals: an injury. I’ve compiled for you five of the most common mistakes in regards to working out, and how to proceed safely on your fitness journey.

Mistake #1: Too Much Too Soon

Coming out of the holidays, after all those delicious, high-calorie feasts, it can be tempting to over-commit yourself. You may be thinking it’s time to get super serious and you resolve to hit the gym FIVE days a week.

As I like to remind my own private weight loss clients at resolution time—consider pulling back a bit. Ease your body back into a workout routine slowly. Start with just making it to the gym two days a week, and once you’ve succeeded at that commitment for at least two weeks, step it up. Now make it to the gym three times per week for two weeks, then increase to four, etc.

Mistake #2: No Rest Days

Don’t get caught up in the No Days Off hype. As a weight loss coach I can assure you that your body needs rest to repair and build those muscles. This doesn’t necessarily mean you spend the day lounging on the couch. Instead opt for a yoga class, spend some time with a foam roller or a foot massager, stay hydrated, and rest easy knowing you’re still actively moving forward with those weight loss goals!

Yoga has so many benefits which is why it’s even included on my Step It Up with Steph DVD.

Mistake #3: Inflexibility- In Your Body

Make time to stretch! This is very important especially if you weight train or do a lot of running for cardio. If you skip the stretching your body will be super tight and you may even experience pain from it. If you have them, you can use a yoga strap or a block to help you stretch, but if you don’t—no worries! You can do some dynamic stretches (think arm circles or leg swings) to warm up for a workout, but save static stretching (any stretch you hold for 10-30 seconds) for the end of your workouts to avoid injury.

Mistake #4: Inflexibility – In Your Schedule

What happens if you planned for a super intense cardio class and when the day arrives you’re feeling a little under the weather? Don’t feel like you’re a slave to your routine, swap out the high-speed spin session and opt for a gentle yoga class instead. Or take one of those rest days!

Mistake #5: If It Worked For Them, It’ll Work for ME

Everybody and every body is different, looking at someone else’s fitness journey and trying to copy it exactly may not work for you and that’s OK! Be sure to pick and choose things that speak to you. Do the kind of exercising that you enjoy, eat nutritious foods that you love, and you’ll find it a cinch to lead a healthy, fit life!

Wishing you nothing but success in 2019!

As a private weight loss coach and a private fitness coach for women, I specialize in helping successful women lose weight.


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