Healthy Lunch Ideas & How to Pack a Healthier Lunch (As Seen on ABC Chicago)

Get the scoop on how to pack a better lunch from Women’s Weight Loss Coach and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour. Check out her recent interview on ABC 7 Chicago in which she goes over five simple ways to pack fast, healthy lunches that are good for you and the kids!

The morning is busy enough, so you definitely don’t want to put off packing the day’s lunches to right before rushing out the door. As I like to remind my private weight loss clients  one of the keys to success is careful planning.

Plan With Purpose

Take a look at your upcoming schedule, utilize a planner or a calendar, and write down how many lunches you need to prepare for yourself and your kid(s) vs. how many meals might be eaten outside of the home. Take the number of meals you need and base your shopping list off of it.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Now that you have your number of lunches needed and your grocery list you can get to the store and grab everything you need in one full swoop! For example if you decided you need four lunches for yourself for the week, that means you need to be shopping for four proteins, four greens, four snacks, etc.

Pack Mindfully

Nobody wants to eat a soggy salad. Make it easy on yourself by investing in plenty of different-sized ziploc containers. Pack your proteins separately from your greens, and your dressing measured out in its own container.

Keep yourself from going overboard on your daily amount of healthy fats by pre-packaging out your almonds, pistachios, and nut butters. Portioning out serving sizes of hummus is a good idea as well! And bonus, buying nuts in bulk and packing them into smaller containers yourself is easier on your wallet than buying those individual packages.

Do all your food packing the night before so they’re ready to grab ‘n go in the morning!

Bulk Up!

An important part of any sustainable weight loss program is to have enough healthy options available that when hunger pangs strike you won’t derail. For this reason I recommend adding an extra piece of fruit into your lunch bag. Something delicious and fiber filled like an apple is wonderful.

Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

Yes, best news ever, desserts can be healthy! Pack yourself a healthy dessert to enjoy post-lunch and curb any sugar cravings that might creep up on you in the afternoons. My favorites are a sweet potato warmed up in the microwave, a granola bar, or even a little bit of dark chocolate. Aim for one that’s over 70% cocoa for the best benefits.


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