5 Tips to Refresh Your Commitment To Your Health & Fitness Goals (As Seen on ABC Chicago)

Old habits die hard. But what can we do when we know WHAT to do, but we’re just not doing it? As a Health and Fitness Expert, I stopped by ABC Chicago to help everyone hop to it this spring and refresh their commitments to their health & fitness goals.


1. Step It Up One Craving at a Time
You know you’re not supposed to eat the ice cream at night or order the burger with fries, but you do it anyway. That’s because for many women who are trying to lose weight, it’s an all or nothing mentality. If you’re going to order the fries, you might as well have your favorite dessert too because the whole day is shot. However, this mentality can actually sabotage weight loss efforts! Instead, pick and choose ways to cut calories, and do it over a longer period of time (like two weeks) instead of committing to doing it every single day to get faster results. Slow and steady wins the race!

2. Chop Your Goal in Half
No one likes to feel like they’re coming up short. Many of my clients in my weight loss programs  for women struggle because their goals are too big. If you consistently miss your goal, chop it in half! Go for half the number of workouts, half the pounds, half the inches, etc.

3. Pattern Interrupt – Get Out of Town!
Changing your patterns in what you see, what you hear, and where you go everyday; it can really help with making positive changes in your life. I recently went to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. It was an amazing trip to a luxurious health & wellness resort. Even their apples tasted better, I swear! 🙂 It was great to experience a different environment and revamp my own personal health & wellness routines at such a beautiful location.

4. Wait & Meditate – Give time to reconnect with yourself
Using meditation to help you with your goals is a great idea. Through meditation, you’re able to still the mind and create a deeper connection with yourself. To really connect with your deepest self, you must take time to sit in peace and quiet, to breath and reflect.

5. Know Your WHY
The bigger your why and your motivation, the easier the how.

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