5 Ways to Fool Proof Your New Year’s Resolutions (As Seen on WGN)

Health and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour dropped by WGN to share her top New Year’s tips for keeping your weight loss resolutions. Learn five easy ways to fool proof your New Year’s resolutions to lose the weight and make it last!

As a Weight Loss Coach, this is my busiest time of year and definitely my favorite! You’re feeling fired up and I’m here to help. Let me show you how to fool proof your New Year resolutions so you can lose weight and feel great all year long.

1. Make your goals smaller
Take a realistic look at your New Year resolutions. Most women set too lofty of goals and in doing so actually set themselves up to fail.

Are you trying to defy the norm and lose more than the average 1-2 pounds per week? Don’t do it! Unless you have the accountability and support from a weight loss program and a coach, it’s impossible to lose 20 pounds in a month.

So instead, create small action steps that you can accomplish over time to achieve your big weight loss goal!

2. Leave room for error
Don’t go into the New Year with an all or nothing mentality. Mistakes happen. Life happens! Leave a little wiggle room for the unexpected party or the extra crazy work week that throws off your health and fitness schedule.

When you get thrown off track simply take a breath, adjust your plan and pick the next healthiest option available to you!

The private clients in my weight loss programs for woman learn that doing damage control and adjusting their goals on a weekly basis supports their health and weight loss goals much better than throwing in the towel for the week on healthy eating and thinking they can just “start over” next week.

3. Reward yourself
With New Year’s Resolutions it’s best to stop treating yourself like an adult! That’s right, treat yourself like a child and you will go far.

In your career and with your family, you act lik an adult and you meet the goals you have in those arenas. With weight loss and health, things work a bit differently. Buy yourself some stickers and put a sticker on your calendar every time you go to the gym or attend that yoga class you committed to!

Reward yourself with new workout clothes or treat yourself to a more expensive salad than you normally eat at lunch.

4. Tell everyone about your goals
Write a list of the names of people you can call and share your weight loss and fitness goals with. Don’t keep your resolutions quiet!

Accountability and support is crucial as you form new healthy lifestyle habits. Social media can be huge. If you follow my free 21-day challenge, we will personally respond to you and you can connect with other women on the same journey as you!

5. No results? Change it up
There are so many diet plans and workout programs out there. If your plan isn’t getting you the results you want, you might have the wrong plan!

Give yourself permission to adjust your original New Year’s resolutions and take a new direction that could better support your weight loss goals.

If you want more tips on how you can lose weight and keep it off, make sure you join my FREE 21 day challenge at stepitupchallenge.com.

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