5 Ways to Keep Fitness on the Front Burner

Has your fitness regimen taken a backseat to your new hectic fall schedule? It can happen easily when kids go back to school, the weather turns and the holiday hustle creeps up. If you’re struggling to fit in quality workouts now that summer is over, no worries! I recently stopped by Channel 5 WNEM to share tips on how you can reboot your fitness workouts this fall.

Tip #1: Find a Workout Buddy

It’s all about that accountability factor! Find a friend or family member that you can go to the gym or a workout class together with. Coming up with a schedule to workout together a few days a week. This will really help you stick to your commitment!

Tip #2: Track Your Commitment

Track how good you have been sticking to your commitment by logging it on a calendar. Go ahead and print out a calendar. Put a star on the days that you workout, and leave the days that you don’t get a workout in blank. This is an awesome visual reminder of how successful you’ve been every week and can be a great motivator to step it up!

Tip #3: Always Bring a Snack

If you’ve ever fallen into the “I’m too hungry to workout” excuse trap, this tip will eliminate it! Toss a healthy snack in your purse or gym bag so something is always there to save you making the choice not to workout.

Tip #4: Get Active on Social Media

For those times that you’re relaxing on the couch and our phone is nearby,  pick it up and follow 10 fitness professionals or workout gurus on Facebook or Instagram. Seeing inspiring posts from these professionals will help keep you motivated and committed to your goals! Interested in following Step It Up With Steph? You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Tip #5: Confidence-Boosting Exercises

Staying confident and committed is a vital part of your success when it comes to working out and leading a healthy lifestyle. The 30 day workbook I created is here to help you stay committed and feel confident in yourself so that you can reach your fitness goals!


There you have it. No need to throw in the towel now that summer is over. Take these five tips and implement them into your new fall schedule. They’ll help you feel great all year long!

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