5 Ways to Start Training For a Race & How to Lose Weight by Running (As Seen on ABC Chicago)

With springtime comes outdoor running races and events. Get prepared by following the five training guidelines I shared with viewers! Learn how far in advance to prepare, other modalities of exercise besides running to participate in, and how to mentally get in the game.

Pick Your Race
Know your race date and have a goal date in mind to be able to run the distance. Set your expectations and be realistic about how fast you want to run.

Many of my private weight loss clients want to run a race to prove to themselves that they can do it – and this is a great goal! However, it’s important to keep in mind that running does put a lot of pressure on the joints.

So the best way to train for a race is to start with a combination of running and walking. This is also good for weight loss because it makes your body and muscles guess what’s coming next – are you running or walking? Your body has to keep guessing and by throwing it off, you help it to burn more fat faster!

Map Out Your Prep
Use a big calendar and map out which days you’ll run, do strength training, stretch, buy new shoes, etc. Write in your calendar when you’ll get fitted for new shoes. It’s important to prevent injuries by maintaining a well-rounded workout routine.

As a weight loss coach, I help my clients focus doing both cardio (like running and walking) and strength training, yoga, and Pilates. These different modalities help to keep your core strong, keep your body in balance, and if weight loss is your ultimate goal – they will help with weight loss too.

Get the Gear
Make sure your running clothes, sports bras, socks, and shoes aren’t too old and are supportive enough! When should you get a new pair of running shoes? How often should you get new sports bras?

The average time is about 6 months unless you’re a more consistent runner and are wearing the shoes and same sports bra everyday. If so, change these every 4 months.

Pick Your Running Buddies
Find a running group and others who will support you in your training. It’s more fun and it keeps you more accountable. You can find running buddies at your local running store, your church, your office, and at your gym.

Use Proper Form During Runs & Training
I love talking about proper form in the upper body! Even though the focus in running often is on the lower body, it’s important to have good posture while running in the upper half of your body. Pump your arms, relax your shoulders, don’t hunch forward, and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

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