7 Reasons You May Be Burning Fewer Calories Than You Think (as seen on Today.com)

Chicago weight loss coach Stephanie Mansour shares some common mistakes people make when tracking calories that could be sabotaging their weight loss efforts.

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As a weight loss coach for women, I advise my private weight loss coaching clients not to obsess over counting calories. Instead, I encourage them to focus on eating nutrient-rich foods, because not all calories are created equal. The healthiest way to approach eating for weight loss and weight management is to think of food as fuel to nourish and energize your body.

But while losing weight is not always as simple as counting calories in and calories out, the truth is that the number of calories you consume and the number of calories you burn factors heavily into the weight loss equation.

If you’ve been tracking your calories and you’re frustrated with your progress, it could be because your eating habits are working against you — the types of foods and timing of your meals could be to blame. And it could also be because you’re burning fewer calories than you think during your workouts and throughout the day.

Because there are few things more frustrating than thinking you’re doing everything right but not getting the results you expect, I covered this topic in a recent article for Today.com. You can read it here: 7 Reasons You May Be Burning Less Calories Than You Think

For more insights into common calorie-counting mistakes my fellow health and wellness professionals are noticing in their work with clients, I reached out to Lisa De Fazio, Los Angeles nutritionist and registered dietician, and Deborah Malkoff-Cohen, New York nutritionist and registered dietician.

If you’ve been making some of these mistakes and burning fewer calories than you thought, the good news is now you know and you can begin making changes today.

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