Are You Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Attempts As Seen on WNEM TV 5

We’ve got something a little bit confusing for you. Did you know that you may be saying the wrong things to yourself, which can in turn sabotage your weight loss attempts? Well, that’s what our health & fitness expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph is here to share with us, and how we can turn around our self-talk:

Good morning! I know it may sound strange, but so many women come to me already beaten down by themselves! When you say negative things to yourself, you’re putting yourself down and in turn sabotaging your ability to reach your goal. Here are some of the wrong things we’re saying, and here’s also how to make them right:

I hate my body so I’m going to lose weight.

I’m so overweight so I shouldn’t eat that.

I wish I looked like that woman. I’m so jealous that she’s so thin.

We really need to become our own best friends and our own cheerleaders. And that’s why the first item I even created was my 30 Day Workbook – it’s full of confidence boosting exercises.

We need to change the way we talk to ourselves in order to stop sabotaging our weight loss efforts. We need to learn how to like ourselves and our bodies right here, right now, so that we want to do good things for ourselves on a consistent basis.

Stephanie Mansour is Chicago’s best life coach and Chicago’s best personal trainer for women. Steph is a corporate wellness speaker and a health and fitness expert in Chicago.
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