Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with Ease (As Seen on Fox Chicago)

Who doesn’t love the holidays? Gatherings with family, friends, and a plethora of delicious food is cause for celebration…but can also come with a side of stress! If you’re worried about gaining the average 5-10lbs over the holidays, set your mind at ease by watching this interview Fitness Expert and Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour gave on Fox Chicago.

My advice for beating the holiday blues, both mentally and physically, can be summed up in the following 3 steps.

Prioritize Yourself

As I like to remind my private weight loss clients, keeping stress to a minimum is extra important over the hectic holidays!

Grab your planner and literally pencil in your “me” time. Schedule your workouts so you won’t miss them or run out of time.

Plan out your shopping trips so you always have fresh, healthy food available.

Finally, be sure to also schedule yourself quality self-care time. This can be something as fancy as booking a massage or facial, or even as simple as a bubble bath or painting your toenails at home!

Get Checked Out by Professionals

This is a big one because a healthy weight starts with healthy joints. I recently visited the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute and can’t recommend them enough if you’re local to this area! Their team of orthopedic physicians, therapists, and the rest of the health and wellness staff will provide you with a comprehensive exam to get you back to your optimal joint movement!

You can’t push yourself in the gym if you have a hurt shoulder or knee constantly flaring up. If you’re in physical pain or have an injury that’s holding you back from achieving your goals, schedule a doctor’s visit and have them address anything ailing you.

Even if you aren’t currently in pain, still go ahead and schedule your annual physical, health is wealth!

Make Those Mental Gains

Train your brain for success this holiday season! By rewiring the way you talk to yourself, you put yourself in a much better frame of mind where true and lasting weight loss can happen.

You should never speak to yourself, even in your head, in a way that you wouldn’t talk to your best friend. I’ll give some examples about what I mean by that.

  • Instead of feeling guilty and beating yourself up for eating a single cookie, try focusing on how good that cookie was and how happy you were to enjoy one.
  • Rather than getting down on yourself if you missed a workout, think of all the positive, healthy things you did accomplish that day (drinking plenty of water, meditating, eating a lot of vegetables)
  • Let go of the idea that you’re absolutely going to gain weight over the holidays and instead tell yourself how proud you are every time you make it to your scheduled workouts or turn down treats in favor of more healthy options.


I hope these tips help you feel more confident going into your holiday season. I am thankful to you for reading and wish a merry health to you all!

As a private weight loss coach and a private fitness coach for women, I specialize in helping successful women lose weight.

If you’re looking for a life coach, a wellness coach, or a confidence coach in Chicago and beyond, you’ve come to the right place! As a certified personal trainer for women, Yoga Instructor in Chicago, Pilates Instructor in Chicagoland, and certified professional life coach in Chicago, I work with successful women across the country as a private weight loss coach for women.

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