Avoid These 5 Dieting and Weight Loss Disasters (As Seen on WGN)

Health and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour reveals the top five dieting disasters people most often make and shows you how to avoid them! Steph dropped by WGN to talk about practical and proven ways to overcome obstacles to keep meeting your weight loss and workout goals.

Dieting Disaster #1: An all or nothing mentality
You can enjoy your favorite treats and still lose weight. Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean everything is off limits! By learning to slow down and savor just one dessert, you can save yourself from eating the whole box of donuts in a moment of weakness. As a private weight loss coach, I really preach a holistic lifestyle. A healthy mind, body, and spirit begins with moderation and balance. So give yourself permission to indulge with intention every now and again.

Dieting Disaster#2: One unhealthy day means you might as well blow the whole week
OK, so let’s say you did eat that whole box of donuts. No biggie. Keep drinking water, eat that zucchini dinner, take your probiotic. Step it up any way you can even if you feel like you’ve blown your diet. Small choices and changes make a big difference. Don’t throw in the towel on your weight loss goals just because you gave in to a sugar craving. Keep going! You got this.

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Dieting Disaster #3 Inefficient exercises keep you from losing weight
Not getting the results you want or the results you were getting in the beginning? That makes sense. When the body gets used to a workout routine, it can plateau. That means it’s time to change up your workout. If you aren’t strength training already, add that into your cardio routine and you’ll start blasting calories again.

Dieting Disaster #4: Dreading your workout
If you’re feeling just straight up unmotivated, and absolutely dread working out then cut yourself some slack. Switch up your exercise routine and make it more fun. Forget the gym and go take a walk around a lake instead. Play frisbee with your kid. Jump on your bike and ride to a juice stop for a healthy, fun treat. When you do something you like to do, it trains your brain to like exercise, which makes it easier to choose to get out there and sweat in the future!

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Dieting Disaster #5: Setting unrealistic goals
Not a morning person? Don’t set your alarm for an early morning workout! Look at your calendar and see if there’s anywhere you can be more realistic with your weight loss and fitness goals. Maybe it’s as easy as changing the time that you work out. Maybe it’s as simple as getting more sleep. One of my private weight loss clients lost 20 lbs in just three months and all she focused on was drinking more water, sleeping 8 hours a night, and eating protein. She only worked out twice!


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