Ball Squats Partner Workout with Chicago’s Jenny Milkowksi

Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour and TV Personality Jenny Milk pair up for a super fun partner workout. Learn how to do this ball squat exercise and reap the benefits of a full leg workout!

Partner workouts are a sure way to make exercising way more fun. I am a weight loss coach and encourage women in my weight loss programs to think outside the box when it comes to exercising. It helps them get the most from their workouts and enjoy time at the gym again!

Since weight loss is about creating a lifestyle of health and fitness, it’s important to keep things interesting and fun. So grab your best friend, a ball, and your favorite sneakers—it’s time to feel the burn with this easy ball squat exercise!

Ball Squats Partner Workout

Strengthen and tone your booty, quads, hamstrings, and calves with this super fun and easy squat workout.

1) Put the ball in between you and your partner’s back.
2) Stand with feet slightly wider than hips.
3) Lower into a squat while keeping ball steady between your backs.
4) Press down through heels to stand back up.
5) Do three sets of 10 and increase sets from there!

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