Best Sports Bras from Women’s Health & Drinks To Avoid Pre-Workout

As a personal trainer I spend at least a portion of every single day in a sports bra. As you can imagine I’ve become a bit of  an expert on which brands and styles offer the best support for their price! When Women’s Health Magazine asked for recommendations from professionals it was a no-brainer for me!

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As a private weight loss coach for women in Chicago and across the country, I enjoy contributing as a health and fitness expert for many online publications. I love helping women find the best options available to help them reach their health goals and enjoy the process along the way!

Check out a few of the most recent articles I’ve been quoted in below.

Best Sports Bra for a Workout

Click here to see which sports bra got my vote for a high impact workout in Women’s Health Magazine online.

Pre-Workout Drinks to Avoid 

It’s both important to stay well-hydrated throughout the day and to fuel up before a workout. But do you know which kinds of drinks to grab on your way to the gym and which you would do better to avoid?

Turns out there are 12 things you should never drink before a workout. Find out what they are on the Eat This, Not That website here.

Looking to Spice Up Your Workout? Check out these killer moves from SELF magazine that top celebrity trainers use for their A-List clients!

Click here to find out why (and how!) you should incorporate a slam ball into your exercise toolbox.

Step Up Your Squat Game With This Simple Tweak

Target your core more intensely and squat deeper with the single-arm kettlebell rack squat. Click here to read up on how to perform this new move safely and make those fitness gains!

Build Buns of Steel with the Pistol Squat

Celeb powerhouse Jessica Biel recently showed off this ultra-challenging move on her Instagram page. Read my thoughts on this front and back body total burner here. It’s an advanced movement, so I’ve included my recommended starter exercise to build your strength and mobility up for future one-legged squatting success!


As a private weight loss coach and a private fitness coach for women, I specialize in helping successful women lose weight.

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