My Top 5 Exercises for Toned Arms this Summer (for NBC News Better)

Tightening and toning your arms is a goal that is at the forefront of the minds of many of my private weight loss clients. Summer is here, and so is attire that shows off your arms!   Even if your arms aren’t ‘summer ready’ quite yet, tightening and toning the arms can be done fairly […]

Stretches for Better Posture & Exercises to Reduce Low Back Pain (for NBC News Better)

Working long hours at the office can lead to harmful impacts on your back and your posture. That’s why I always recommend that my private weight loss clients do exercises to improve their posture. Having poor posture can lead to many negative health effects, one of which being back pain. Luckily there are exercises that […]

Full Body Partner Workout (As Seen on Successible Life)

One of my favorite ways to enjoy my workouts and stay more engaged with them is to do exercises that allow me to have a partner! Working with a partner can also help you to become more committed to your fitness as well as to motivate you to push harder.  When you workout with a […]

How to Get Toned Arms (As Featured in Chicago Sun Times)

Are you ready to get your arms in shape for summer? Toning up your arms for summer can seem like such a hard and unachievable task, but when you add dumbbells to your workout it becomes a much easier goal to achieve!  Even if you already have an arm workout routine, implementing some small changes […]

How Much Water to Drink This Summer (As Seen in Chicago Sun Times)

Summer is one of everyones favorite times of the year since it brings music festivals, beach visits, and even outdoor workouts. All of these fun summer activities all require time outdoors, so it’s essential to make sure you’re staying hydrated!  Staying hydrated and making sure you’re drinking enough water can be difficult, especially when you’re […]

New Column in Chicago Sun Times: Exercise Well with Stephanie Mansour

I am so excited to announce that we’ve got a weekly column in the Chicago Sun Times called “Exercise Well with Stephanie Mansour”! Each week, I’ll be providing exercise tips for readers in the Chicago Sun Times newspaper, online, and on their social media!This week it was all about different types of lunges. Check out […]

The Best Exercises for Tight Hips (As Seen on NBC News Better)

Many of my private weight loss clients are work-a-holic CEO’s who don’t have a lot of time to spend at the gym – or let’s face it, standing up! We’ve all been told how bad sitting can be for our health, which is why I came up with these 5 stretches to loosen your hips.  […]

3 Weight Loss Mistakes and How To Fix Them (As Seen on CNN’s HLN)

Julian Michaels recently came out and discussed the 3 common weight loss mistakes she frequently sees. CNN’s HLN recently came out and asked me my take on these weight loss mistakes!   Many of my private weight loss clients feel as if they’re ‘stuck’ at their weight when I begin working with them. After we […]

Abdominal Workout Plan for Summer (As Seen on NBC News Better)

Whether you’re a fan of doing ab crunches or you like attending Pilates classes, I created an amazing ab workout routine for NBC News Better!   I love this ab workout routine because I give you a variety of positions in which do to the ab exercises. Many of my private weight loss clients can’t […]

5 Exercises for Tight & Toned Arms (As Seen on Good Morning America Online)

The arms are one of my favorite body parts to work out. In fact, I personally see results (and so do my clients) by following a routine like this for two weeks! With Summer right around the corner, I’m sure you’ll love this 5 move arm routine that I created exclusively for Good Morning America. […]