TODAY SHOW: How to create a vision board

New article for Today Show by Stephanie Mansour! Looking for a weight loss program that works? Stephanie is a personal weight loss coach for women. She offers some of the best online weight loss programs out there! In addition to weight loss programs, Stephanie is also a wellness coach and offers plenty of positive mindset […]

CNN: How to relieve pain with quick workouts

Random aches and pains can appear at any time. Whether you wake up feeling stiff or experience joint pain while working out, it’s important to prepare! We’re all busy, and it’s hard to set aside time for pain relieving exercises. We sometimes find ourselves prioritizing work over our health, but there are quick and easy […]

TODAY: How to implement midday workouts

The pandemic has caused many aspects of our lives to change. Because so many of us are working from home staring at our computers, midday workouts have become increasingly popular. And that’s no surprise; who wouldn’t want to get moving after hours of sitting? I’m a supporter of midday workouts myself. Having a workout to […]

CNN: How to relieve tightness in your shoulders

Tense shoulders can be a pain, especially in the cold weather. If you have just 5 minutes a day, you can relieve that built up tension and start feeling loose again! I’ve created a quick routine focused on relieving tightness in the shoulders. Tight shoulders can be the result of lots of time spent on […]

NBC News: At home TRX-like equipment

Working out at home can get a little boring if you’re using the same equipment every time. But lucky for you, there are plenty of unique choices to spice up your workout. TRX-like suspension trainers are beginning to regain popularity due to the frequent stay at home orders. Suspension devices and equipment can have profound […]

CNN: Gifts that the runners in your life will love

Holiday season is here! If you’re looking for gift ideas for the runners in your life, you’ve come to the right place. There are tons of different shoes, leggings, and other accessories that the runners in your life would love to be gifted! With running being one of the only socially distanced, safe activities we […]

TODAY: Healthy habits to incorporate before the New Year

Planning your New Year’s resolution? Large goals can be daunting. The thought of following through with a major resolution is somewhat intimidating, so it’s important to transition gradually as we turn our calendars to 2021. Most of us start off strong with our goals, yet we see our motivation dwindle down as the year pushes […]

TODAY: Are Peloton, Mirror, and Ergatta Rower worth the price?

With stay at home orders coming and going, many people have begun working out at home, wondering if they should invest in equipment. The holidays are approaching rapidly, and the pandemic has continued to wreak havoc. So I decided to review the Peloton, Mirror, and Ergatta Rower. Taking price and workout quality into consideration, I’ve […]

CNN: At home workouts for small spaces with no equipment

Short on space and equipment? The increase in COVID cases has made it very likely that lots of us will be stuck at home over the holidays, forced to remain in one place for an extended period of time. The stress caused by lockdown can make you want to sit around, watch TV, and snack […]

TODAY: How to combat COVID related insomnia

Find yourself lying awake at night with your thoughts? ‘Coronasomnia,’ a term coined by experts, is real and affecting the mental health of many. Whether it be thoughts about returning to normalcy or seeing family or work, people are consumed within their own minds, making it harder to fall asleep. But there are ways to […]