Breaking Down the Romanian Deadlift + One Killer Ab Move You Need to Try

Self is a great go-to site if you’re looking for the newest and hottest moves to add to your workout regimen. Women’s Weight Loss Coach and Fitness Trainer Stephanie Mansour is often contacted to weigh in with her expert advice for executing these moves safely and effectively!

Lower Body Builder

Training with heavy weights is an amazing way to challenge and sculpt your body. An enjoyable move for targeting (and stretching!) the entire backside of the body? The romanian deadlift. Before attempting any new loaded movement, always be sure to study up on proper form and start out with lighter weights.

Learn this booty and hamstring blasting exercise by clicking here!

Get Your Core Muscles Working Together!

A strong core has so many benefits to your overall physical health and well-being, so I have to share with you this killer move. The Hollow Body Hold is so tough it even causes celebrity trainers to bust out some groans!

Click here to learn how to build up to this core taxing move.

Alternatively, I’ve also got a great way for you to ramp up the intensity of lying leg raises and all you need is a small resistance band! This move does double duty, challenging your inner thigh muscles along with your entire core and spine stabilizing muscles!

Read the article for modifications and important form cues here.

Supercharge Your Sprints

Learn how to go from “0 to 100” by adding a resistance band into your treadmill sprints. If you’re looking to increase your speed and explosive power, bands are the way to go.

These are tough and come with a few safety precautions, so be sure you read this carefully before attempting and check out the beginner versions!


Challenge all the stabilizer muscles in your lower body with this no equipment needed move you can do anywhere– as long as you’re wearing proper exercise shoes that is!

Check out the low-impact cardio option: Step-Ups.



Make Your Kitchen Work FOR You

Stuck in the kitchen and worried about weight gain this delicious holiday season? I got you!

Even if they can’t make it to the gym, I still want my private weight loss clients to be able to enjoy their dinners guilt-free and now you can too!

I wrote this helpful article outlining how to complete a kitchen workout while you cook!

Click here to see the bulge-battling circuit featured on the NBC News site.

If you ever need guidance on what to prepare in the kitchen to help with your weight loss goals, I have a recipe book available that will take away the guesswork!

Soothe an Upset Stomach

The holidays make over-indulging a little too easy, what with so many rich, delicious foods to enjoy! Even if you are careful not to over-eat it’s still a high stress time of the  year, which can also lead to stomach upset. I want to share with you my article covering natural remedies to ease tummy troubles.

Be prepared to keep the party alive this season with these happy belly tips here.

That’s all for now, enjoy your next sweat sesh!


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