Celebrities’ Best Workouts for Weight Loss & Toning and Fitness Coach Tips to Get Fit On a Budget

As a weight loss coach for women, I frequently get interviewed by health websites and wellness journalists. I’m sharing with you some of the most recent articles I’ve been featured in to help you lose weight, try out new workouts, train like the celebs, and get fit on a budget!

Pink’s Equipment-Free Glute Workout

Looking for the best butt exercises? Check out my take on Pink’s glute workout on Self.com.

Get Fit at Work

Ready to sneak in a workout at work? Try out some exercises at your desk to get you in shape and feeling good about yourself. I shared some tips with Cooking Lite here.

Supermodel Lower Body Workout

Naomi Campbell’s lower body workout routine is one you can do too! Check out my tips for Self.com.

Should You Try Dietbet?

Have you heard about online diet bets? Diet bets have pros and cons. I shared my take on weight loss bets with Cooking Light here.

Victoria Secret’s Angel Strength Exercises

Ever wonder what the workout routine of a Victoria’s Secret supermodel looks like? Check out this fat-blasting workout and how you can modify it to suit your needs on Self.com.

Shakira’s Six Move Butt Workout

As a weight loss coach for women, I always advise my private weight loss clients to aim for the body shape that they want. Shakira is a great example of a curvy body that has a muscular look, and many of my wellness clients say that they want to keep their curves. Check out this six-move butt workout and my comments for Self.com on how you can do this workout just like Shakira.

The Step It Up Challenge

A few of my clients were featured in Reader’s Digest for losing weight thanks to our Step It Up with Steph online FREE 21 Day Challenge!

Target Your Core Muscles

Ready to step up your ab workout? There are so many great ab exercises, and I’m a huge advocate for many of them! Check out these challenging core exercises that work your abs and my advice on Self.com.

Expert Tips to Get Fit On a Budget

If you need to get fit on a budget, I’m sharing some cost-saving tips with Cooking Light. Looking for a new gym membership? Looking for the best personal trainer in Chicago and how to cut costs? Or are you looking for the best workout in your city? Then you’ll love this article.

Get Chelsea Handler Fit and Strong

Finally, Chelsea Handler’s workout that was featured on Instagram has a ton of modifications for all fitness levels. Check out what I had to say for Self.com.


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