Clean Sleeping Trend As Seen on ABC 7 Chicago

Is “clean eating” not working for you in 2017? Well, hop on the trend bandwagon and try “clean sleeping”! Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour breaks down the “clean sleeping” trend started by celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow and gives us tips on how we can sleep drug-free!

But first, we have a new health and wellness TV show called Step It Up with Steph on PBS Chicago that is airing every Saturday on WTTW at 10am! The first episode, on January 21st, is all about insomnia…so this clean sleeping trend really fits in today! The Launch Party for the show was last night, Friday, at Hubbard Inn in River North, and they provided us with a beautiful venue and helped us host a wonderful event.

Back to clean sleeping! Sleeping is really important because it affects all parts of your life, and can contribute to diseases such as obesity.

Here’s tips for how you can do it:

1. Use deodorant at night to make sure you smell good. You can feel good about your deodorant choice with PiperWai’s all natural deodorant made with activated charcoal that neutralizes odors naturally.

2. Write it all out. Let go of the day’s troubles by journaling and letting go of things so that your mind isn’t racing when you get into bed. Before you’re in your bedroom, write down all your lists and thoughts for the day and then keep the journal in a closed drawer or somewhere away from you.

3. Then, lighten the mood…with candles. Your brain and your eyes will get adjusted to seeing in the dark and your brain will be signaled that it is time for bed, and time for your body to produce melatonin, which will help you fall asleep. This is especially important if you watch TV in bed or if you are on your phone in your bed and have a bright light in front of your eyes. Instead of taking a melatonin supplement or a sleeping aid, try this to help your body out.

4. Avoid late night snacking. If you must, eat chickpeas! Chickpeas have lots of Vitamin B-6 which helps produce melatonin. Wild Garden has convenient single serve packs of hummus and crackers that will help you feel more tired. Whole grains are another thing that will help you wind down.

5. Are you a chip eater like me? Replace junk food with something healthier. The Daily Crave has great veggie and lentil chips that go great with the humus and are a healthy option for a late night snack.

6. WINE-d down, but without the wine. Alcohol interferes with a good night’s sleep. If you must, trick yourself into drinking sparkling water in a wine glass, and enjoy that!

7. Get in the right state of mind. You DESERVE to end the day on a good note. Try the 30 Day Workbook I created to help you feel better about yourself and boost your self-confidence. It’s a great way to feel good at the end of night.

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