Common Resolution Roadblocks and How To Succeed At Your New Year’s Goals (As Seen on Fox Chicago)

You came into the New Year strong and inspired. You picked lots of lofty New Year’s Resolutions and were feeling pumped up to accomplish them. Fast forward a week into the new month and you’ve hit a snag…now what? Health and Fitness Expert and Women’s Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour stopped by Fox studios to discuss common resolution roadblocks and how to work through them.

I love chatting with my private weight loss clients about their goals and intentions for the new year and helping them break down their long-term goals into smaller ones. At this time I also like to discuss with them what stumbling blocks may come up during their journey and methods to stay on the path of consistency!

4 Common Resolution Roadblocks

  1. Not visualizing the goal
  2. Injuries (old or new)
  3. Comparing yourself to others
  4. Not making corrections and just giving up instead

Visualize Your Goal

Is your goal to lose 10lbs? Increase strength? Both of these are great goals, but you need to get specific! Visualize how you want your body to look, what clothes you want to wear, etc. Think about picking up and lifting more weight, focus on what muscles you want to grow, how do they feel?

Say Bye-Bye To Pain

An old injury flaring up and causing you pain can significantly slow your fitness progress. Or if you haven’t worked out in a while, it’s possible that getting back into it you may push too hard leading to a new injury! Stay on top of your physical health this year by getting these injuries checked out by a professional.

If you’re local to the Chicago area, I can’t recommend the incredible staff over at Delos Therapy enough. Delos is having a tremendous impact on the industry with their unique approach to muscular therapy. They now have four locations open in Chicago, and are all about restoring pliability to your muscles! I know the owner, Eric, he’s the co-founder and an amazing Muscular Therapist who has helped me with my neck mobility and tennis game.

Don’t let an injury keep you sidelined, look into pain management as soon as possible, and the best part? Your 1st appointment with Delos will be an evaluation and session and it’s complimentary!

Stop Playing the Comparison Game

A piece of advice I put into all my weight loss programs for women: Remember that your personal fitness journey is your own. It’s going to have its own unique ups and downs, it’s going to look completely different from anyone else’s journey. Treat yourself kindly, allow yourself time to see and feel the physical changes.

Don’t get caught up mindlessly scrolling social media and feeling discouraged that you don’t look exactly like someone else. Don’t feel bad if you see someone stronger than you in the gym, be happy for them and excited for your own progress— it’s coming!

Don’t Quit!

This last piece of advice is a BIG one. You need to be flexible in your weight loss program and with your fitness goals. The keys to long-term success are consistency and never giving up. Instead of quitting yourself learn to course-correct and keep moving forward!

Ditch your all-or-nothing mentality. If you missed a workout, immediately reschedule it for later. Ate fast food instead of your meal prep? Hey, it’s okay! Move along and maybe eat an extra serving of veggies. Don’t spiral out of control, just hop right back up and get on the wagon again.

As a private weight loss coach and a private fitness coach for women, I specialize in helping successful women lose weight.


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