Comparing Your Body to Other Women at the Beach

Comparing yourself to someone else is the number one recipe for disaster. Comparing your body to another person’s not only negatively affects your psyche, but it also totally objectifies your body and automatically disconnects your body from your mind!

Your body is YOU. By comparing yourself to someone else and feeling like your “chubby stomach” or your “flabby arms,” or your “thunder thighs” look horrible compared to the girl sitting next to you, you’re ultimately REJECTING part of you. And WHO wants to reject themselves?

If you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else, try to Step It Up in the moment and immediately pick something about yourself that you like. Focus on what you LIKE and you will get more of it. Put your energy towards the positive and happy parts of your body and life, and notice how your mood shifts and you become a great cheerleader for yourself. This is key to feeling more confident in your bathing suit!

Looking for more ways to feel confident in your own body?  Women everywhere use my 30 Day Workbook to inspire themselves mentally and physically.

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