Counter Intuitive Ways to Burn More Calories As Seen on Fox 5 Good Day New York

Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph is here to tell us some counter intuitive strategies that will help us have more effective workouts! She visited Good Day New York to give her tips:

1. Procrastinate your workout & put yourself on a time crunch.
If you only have 30 minutes to work out, GREAT! Cram it in and move quickly.

2. SKIP the water breaks. Instead, do quick cardio in place.
Step It Up and do running & NFL Shuffle in place

3. SKIP increasing your weights. Use lesser lbs – even if it’s the same weight you’ve been using for years! Instead, do more reps.
Step It Up and use light weights with arm exercises and more repetitions.

4. SKIP extra cardio. Instead, do cardio bursts for a shorter amount of time.
Step It Up and do slow cardio then fast cardio, alternating every 10 seconds.

5. SKIP moving from exercise to exercise. Instead, stay in the same position & do double the moves in the same amount of time.
Step It Up and do a complex exercise: Lunge & overhead press (with weights)

Finally, remember to focus on boosting your confidence while you’re working out!

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