Detox Using Your Thanksgiving Leftovers (As Seen on ABC Chicago)

Now that the big event is over, how can you use up those leftovers while also getting back on track with your weight loss goals? Perhaps you’re thinking there’s no way you can use that feast food to your advantage? Health and Fitness Expert and Women’s Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour has good news for you! Watch this video and read the blog for more helpful detox tips!


If you’re like me, you always seem to find yourself with a fridge packed full of leftovers after Thanksgiving (or any other major holiday!). Many of my private weight loss clients worry that they won’t be able to get back to their goals until they’ve spent the following week eating up all those remaining celebratory dishes.

They don’t need to worry and neither do you! Here’s a few simple ways to put all that food to work, detox yourself, and avoid waste, starting with that star of Thanksgiving: the  turkey!

Shredded Turkey Salad

Start with a base of spinach and/or other mixed greens. Using your hands, shred a portion of leftover turkey meat and place it on top of the greens. Top this with a healthy salad dressing. My go-to is Primal Kitchen, their products are made with avocado oil, super yummy! If you’re local to the Chicago area you can find them for sale at Mariano’s or Jewel.

If you’re not really a salad person, try my low-carb twist on that usual post-thanksgiving staple: the turkey sandwich. Using large leafs of romaine lettuce, add some of your shredded turkey. Then top with a little avocado mayo, also available from Primal Kitchen, roll it up and enjoy guilt-free!

Green Bean Soup

Turn your green bean salad, or any other leftover cooked veggies, into a hearty, healthy soup! If you want to make a large batch throw it in the crockpot or in a big pot on the stove with some broth and spices. You can even add in some coconut milk and make it more like a thai curry soup, mmm!

Or you can make individual servings, one meal at a time! Need a quick lunch?  Just put your veggies in a bowl, top it with some Bru Broth, heat in the microwave, and enjoy!

Bru Broth is a doubly great option because it provides protein and it’s anti-inflammatory.

Quiche Me Quick

Got leftover pie crust? Crumble that delicious, flaky pastry into a non-stick muffin tin, crack an egg on top, add some veggies, herbs, and spices. Bake at 350 degrees for about 20min. These are wonderful because you can make a whole batch at a time, then store them to reheat for fast snacking throughout the week!

Here it is, folks, the ultimate hack: How to get back on track while eating pie for breakfast 😉

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

If you’re nuts about pumpkin pie then you’re going to love this one! Take your leftover pumpkin pie filling, about a tablespoon per smoothie. Blend it with some greek yogurt, water, and a handful of spinach for an absolutely delicious, but still healthy treat. Step it up further by adding in some protein powder and voila! You’ve got an amazing, detoxifying, protein-packed breakfast!

Once you’re all out of tempting leftovers, if you find yourself wishing for further guidance on what to eat, check out my helpful Meal Plan & Recipe Book.

Happy Holidays!


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