Drinking Water in Style

Remember last week when we talked about how water helps you lose weight? Well today we’re talking about how you can drink more water and enjoy it! For extra motivation, check out one of my fabulous clients sporting her Step It Up with Steph waterbottle:

Such a fun bottle to drink out of!

(I’m having more of these produced, so if you want one, leave me a comment below!)

Here are some fun ways to add some style to your water and make it taste less…boring!

– Get a cute water bottle (or a colorful one) that makes you happy or motivated every time you look at it.

– Depending on the type of bottle or glass you’re drinking out of, drop a few raspberries, blueberries, or cut up a strawberry and plop it into your water. Shake it up and let it give the water some flavor.

– Make some flavored ice cubes by crushing up berries and adding them into your ice trays, OR just make ice trays out of apple juice or orange juice. Stick an ice cube into your glass and enjoy some natural flavoring.

– Buy small lemons or limes and bring them to work with you. Use a plastic knife and cut it up, then squeeze it into your bottle or glass the whole day. Just keep it next to your computer and re-squeeze everytime you fill up.

What’s your trick for drinking more water? Share your trick with others by leaving a comment below!

One thought on “Drinking Water in Style

  1. love the water ideas!! i’ve seen water pitchers in some places where they have strawberries in…wasn’t sure if it was for anything else other than flavor. very cool. never thought about doing that with ice cubes!! might hafta give that a whirl, too 🙂

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